BALLERS: (S03E09) "Crackback"

“Its all about the muthafuckin money!” And you better believe that. Mr. Hot Mess himself,  Spencer Strasmore finds out the hard way.  He and Joe have arrived in the Bay Area to finalize some things on the Raiders-Vegas move. But he soon discovers that loyalty and keeping your word is a lost art as Wayne Hastings decides to jump ship with “the other guys” at the eleventh hour. Whomever these “other guys” are is a mystery to us all. I get a sense that they are “old money” and they also knew how to finesse the ‘evil bitch” (Candace.) (I wish her and Spencer would just get it on already, sheesh).  Well it appears as though the Raiders-Vegas deal is a NO-GO for the old boys of ASM.  This episode only gets better for Spencer as his lady-friend, Chloe takes the morning after pill, well now I guess we wont find out if those “swimmers” are functioning properly. He asked before she popped the pill, “wait don’t you want a kid?” Come on Spencer! You’re going about this the wrong way! 
Meanwhile back in Miami the other dazed and confused Hot Mess, Ricky Jerret isn’t doing to well, he is extremely ill. This is leading Ricky to say and do all the wrong things.  First thing, Ricky calls up his baby mamma,  Amber to tell her that he loves her. (Boy BYE! rolls) Mind you that he’s only known her for a very short time. It is also time to meet with the Patriots to re-sign this Mega contract. As he is about to sign his name on the dotted line he decides to come clean about his current condition. He is Bipolar, yes and also has a concussion…Smart move or just plain dumb? The Pats representative along with the contract literally drives off…. unsigned. Hey, Ricky. Guess what? You’re a #Looser.
Well, it seems as though Mr. Greane has been shafted again! Shady Seifert has been relieved of his duties. The Miami Dolphins hires a new Head Coach and is now searching for a new GM. Mr. Greane seems to fit the bill however, the powers that be decide to keep him in the #2 spot until the new GM hire. The issue with this is that there is no guarantee that the new GM will keep Greane in the #2 spot. He can be terminated at anytime. He then goes home to write his resignation. 
And for the heavy ad placement of Oakland’s own “Everett and Jones BBQ”… Right Own! Shoutout to Ballers for that plug! 
Season Finale of Ballers airs next Sunday Night on HBO, 10 p.m. pacific time.
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