Fear The Walking Dead (S03E11) "La Serpiente"

Damn with the Dam!
Don’t underestimate the serpent!
This episode was really good.. Nothing like watching “old friends” working together. As promised, Strand took Madi and Walker to the Dam, after some obstacles, of course It wouldn’t have been any other way with Strand in charge!
The reunion
After been apart for almost an entire season, Victor, Strand and Madison meet again. Gotta say I love that combination. Even though each one of them have their own interest, at the end of the day, they find a way to work it out and get to what needs to be done.
La Reina del Agua
The new Jefa refused to make a deal with Madison and Walker. The older Clark tried to convince her, offering the production of the ranch first, but it wasn’t enough. The older Clark won’t just take no for an answer; she knows about the rebellion outside the dam and how the people want to retaliate, so she offered something even better: GUNS!!! Sadly, Lola still thinks she knows what she’s doing.
Lola allowed Madi, Walker and Strand to spend the night and leave the next morning. But still there’s no deal; there’s no water and only more problems.
Victor, as always, tries to loosen up the mood and talks with Walker. But I think Strand doesn’t know what he is dealing with, and this conversation ends pretty badly. Qata warns Victor he is going to kick out the ranchers due to Madison’s deal to save him for a “possibility” that failed.
You are in real trouble, Victor! As always…
fear 32 - Fear The Walking Dead (S03E11) "La Serpiente"
The old Salazar
Daniel hasn’t had it easy either. And now he is trying to keep his promise to Lola, defend her and keep the order at the dam. The problem is Lola is all for peace, but Daniel knows better and the people from the squards are getting more dangerous.
On top of that, he discovers that Ofelia is indeed alive and living at the ranch, but she is not really the young innocent woman he left behind. This strikes him really hard because Ofelia was the most pure thing he had.
fear 42 - Fear The Walking Dead (S03E11) "La Serpiente"
Victor for the victory
So Walker leaves due to the failed deal. He wants to get back and kick out the ranchers because of Madison’s fault. Strand just can’t let that happen, so he goes for the show.
There’s a moment where Daniel is very clear with Strand. He knows Victor is up to something but also knows this “something” must benefit both of them, so he just lets Strand be.
When everything looks lost for Madison, a cistern truck catches fire and explodes. Mmm… very suspicious. Luckily for our character, the people from the dam think it was just an attack of the angry people from the quarters.
Once again Victor gets what he wants. Lola realizes maybe they need the guns after all, and Madison can provide them with it.
So the episode ends very optimistically for Madison and Victor. While they were driving back they found Walker. They return home with a cistern truck full of water and a great deal. Yes, this seems pretty good, for now!
fear 22 - Fear The Walking Dead (S03E11) "La Serpiente"
Will Ophelia and Daniel meet soon? Is everything ok at the ranch? And where the hell is Troy?
Find out in the next episode on SUNDAY!!