Midnight, Texas (S01E10) "The Virgin Sacrifice"

Here we are at the finale. Whether it’s the season finale or the series finale has yet to be determined. I certainly hope it will be renewed. It was a little tepid about the series at first, but it definitely grew on me and the ending set up an interesting storyline for season 2, should there be one.
So, Midnight is basically deserted. Our heroes are driving the bus and expositioning that the demon wants to have sex with Fiji which will destroy the veil for good. Fiji and Deadjeremy are in Midnight and the crack appears in the ground. Deadjeremy tells her that Colconnar (I finally got his real name) is eager to meet her. Meat her? You decide. Fiji tries to appeal to the Jeremy part of Deadjeremy, but he tells her that no part of him is Jeremy, and putting his hand on her arm, burns her. He’s just a wraith, no different from the others.
So our heroes have arrived, bearing a remarkable resemblance to the Magnificent Seven and they stride through the desert toward Midnight armed to the teeth, especially Lem. Hee, vampire joke!
The wraiths are building…something, until Olivia uses his mad snipers skillz to start picking them off while our heroes do another run to home base. Unfortunately, Olivia isn’t a fast a runner as she is a good shot and Deadjeremy plants his hand on her stomach and gives her a deep and dangerous burn. Creek and Bobo get her into Fiji’s house.
Manfred, Joe and Lem are searching through the pawn shop for some evil things that Manfred can use to channel some evil spirits. I’m pretty sure a show about a pawn shop full of cursed objects has been done, or am I the only one who remembers ‘Friday the 13th?’ Manfred and Creek talk on the phone and use the ‘L’ word. Lem rounds up a few objects that make Manfred wish he hadn’t given up his pills.
Creek volunteers to take Olivia to the hospital, conveniently leaving Bobo and Fiji together alone.
Demons enter Manfred’s body and his body does this super weird and scary contorting thing. And keeping in the theme of people being entered, Bobo proposed to Fiji that they deprive Colconnar of what he wants by cashing in her V-card with him. Because it seems he’s had a thing for her since the first day they met when she brought him sand tarts. (Sand tarts, really? I gotta say, I don’t see a lot of guys getting turned on by sugar cookies. OTOH, I have a recipe for a chocolate espresso cheesecake that is a guaranteed to have guys prostrate at your feet.)
The wraiths have stacked a bunch of dead animals and it summons Colconnar. Poor animals. Colconnar tells them to bring him the virgin witch, which sounds like an awesome name for a cocktail. I’m thinking something with a lot of cherries. Manfred faces Colconnar in the street and he bears a remarkable resemblance to Darkness, the demon played by Tim Curry in ‘Legends,’ which is the last Tom Cruise movie that I actually liked. He invited Manfred to join him and Manfred declines the invite in his demon-y voice.
Colconnar immediately senses he’s lost his chance with virgin Fiji and starts setting things on fire. Joe stabs him, but it has no effect. Then, Lem comes out and gives Manfred anobject that he says was sold by someone claiming to be the devil himself. Whatever it is, it gives Manfred a major power boost. His eyes turn solid black. Black, demonic blood starts pouring out of his eyes, nose and ears, and he shoots some kind of energy beam from his hands that cause Colconnar to go all ‘spody, and just like that he’s defeated. Ugh, not the tidy ending, really? Bobo and Fiji arrive, fully dressed and not looking at all like they just came from having sexy time. Manfred releases the demons inside him. But the story isn’t quite over. We do, in fact, have a few surprises in store.
Madonna arrives at the hospital, called there by Creek. Not surprisingly, Olivia’s supernatural burn isn’t responding to conventional medical treatment. The other arrive and Lem saves her by feeding her his blood, which heals her instantly. Yay! I would not have been happy if Olivia had died. Outside in the hallway, Madonna is on the phone. Remember when Bowie mentioned knowing who had financed Madonna’s restaurant? Yeah, it seems Madonna is working for none other than Olivia’s father. She’s reporting to him. Okay, I did NOT see that coming. Wow, that’s a shocker.
Aww, Lem and Olivia get married. Lots of people have paired off, very romantic. Charmaine Harris blends romance and horror very nicely.
The next morning: Manfred is looking with concern at the demonic black blood that is dripping from his ear when there is a rumbling sound. No, not supernatural, but caused by a bunch or trucks and heavy equipment. They meet a corporate suit who is professionally pleasant and introduces herself as Melanie Pratt, representing a company that is renovating the old hotel. It’ll revitalize Midnight! Think of the tourists!
So, even though the a Colconnar story was ended neatly, we did get some new and intriguing questions asked. I’m loving the reveal about Madonna. I’ll ask Fijimto cast a spell to guarantee a second season.
Other Things:
– Olivia looked gorgeous at the wedding, but did they sew her into that dress? And where did they get a wedding dress anyway? I don’t see a David’s Bridal in Midnight.
– What are the odds that Olivia’s father is behind the hotel renovation?
– How much will Fiji’s power be affected by her not being a virgin anymore?
“My flesh is burning, stop talking.”
‘Again? Lucky!”
“This town has a very colorful history.”