Mr. Mercedes (S01E07) "Willow Lake"

This episode, holy moly I didn’t expect that ending but I will get to that in a bit! This whole episode was fantastic and if your not watching this series yet, then what are you waiting for? Start watching this series, cause we only have 3 episodes left until this first season is over! But lets get to what you all came here for and thats for the review so lets get cracking!
So this episode we saw Deborah (Kelly Lynch) being more curious in what her son is doing with his “experiments” down stairs in the basement only to find out that the door is locked shut with a special door installed! But Deb still kept her curiosity up by going through Brady’s (Harry Treadway) room finding the clown mask and tubing for an oxygen tank and we all know what that can be used for; choking someone to their death, you know thats what Brady wants to do to his mother or maybe even Robi (Robert Stanton).
We also had Bill Hodges (Brendan Gleeson) and Holly (Justine Lupe) meet up with Jerome (Jharrell Jerome) to find answers through the laptop. But Hodges had to leave Jerome and Holly alone to find answers, Hodges was needed with Janey (Mary-Louise Parker) to help with the arrangements at the funeral home. On the day of the funeral Janey revealed to Hodges, she was going back to California. We all know what that means, every time in a horror or thriller show whenever someone says they are moving back to somewhere it means they are going to die! Of course in the funeral it was a nice speech that she gave for her mothers funeral. At the end of the funeral Holly started feeling sick but I have a feeling that she was pretending to feel sick that way she could get a ride with Hodges that way she can feel good about herself and not have her mother tell her to stop being weird.
Although, I thought it was really sad that Lou (Breeda Wool) was fired from her job on this episode. I was really hoping that she was going to stay cause shes one of the awesome characters that all the fans, especially me, love. Seeing that shes fired from her job was just one of the really sad parts of the episodes there were two sad parts of this episode but I have a feeling we will see Lou back again just working for a better job than that sexist job that she had.
The next sad part of the episode was the ending of the episode where we saw Janey driving to pick up Hodges and Holly from the church and Brady activates the trigger to the bomb blowing up Hodges vehicle with Janey inside. All what survived of the explosion was Janey’s lower arm burning. Hodges devastated over what just happened, thinking to himself “it should’ve been me” but now its sad to say that Hodges and Holly will have to be going to another funeral. And now Hodges is on a path of revenge because its not just about the Mercedes killer investigation anymore. Now its for bringing Janey’s killer to justice.
Next episode: Mr. Mercedes (S01E08): “From the Ashes” airs Wednesday September 27, 2017