Teen Wolf (S06E15) "Pressure Test"

 Half way til the finale, I’m a bit excited!

#1 What’s this episode about?
Things are heating up this episode! More wounds inflicted, more deaths upon innocent lives, & FEAR truly taking over! This episode might have been a crazy one but I loved it to death!
#2 Who’s in this episode?

  • Theo
  • Scott
  • Quin
  • Mason
  • Deaton
  • Lydia
  • Corey
  • Malia
  • Liam
  • Tierney
  • Papa Stilinski
  • Monroe (seriously hating this woman)
  • Ex-Father McCall
  • Nolan (this poor boy)

#3 What did I like about this episode?
Deaton returning to the show & finding a clue about our new enemy.
Mason, Corey, & Deaton figuring out what there actually dealing with.
The doctor freaking out when Deaton was taking to long to get out of the room.
Malia’s terrible timing for humor.
#4 What didn’t I like about this episode?
Monroe & her crew surrounding the police station.
Monroe literally teaching these kids how to use weapons.
Officers committing suicide! I was not expecting that at all!
Scott’s dad showing up. (I actually never really liked him.)
#5 What scene did I like the most (best scene throughout the episode)?
Scott getting mad when the two locked in the cell wouldn’t speak so he did his Alpha roar.
When the group decided to stay & fight, not leave Beacon Hills at all. Tricking Scott’s dad & even Mason (but they told him of course).
#6 What is next to come?
Hopefully they devise a plan to shrink the hunter attacks or find the other half of that face. Cause this is getting too real!
P.S. Stiles! Please call him!
(Didn’t watch any of the previews for the next episode to come while binge watching to catch up on the series.)
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