Teen Wolf (S06E16) "Triggers"

Only four more episodes to go for this season. The suspense is killing me!

#1 What’s this episode about?
Everyone is full of plans this episode but will it all work out. Liam and Theo are left at the zoo alone to fight, while Scott & the others deal with an armed building. Can someone get a win already! I need Stiles!
#2 Who’s in this episode?

  • Monroe (she needs to die)
  • Nolan (still pissing me off)
  • Ex-Father McCall (why are you still here, go home)
  • Aaron (even crazier)
  • Gerard
  • Theo
  • Scott
  • Liam
  • Mason
  • Malia
  • Argent
  • Lydia
  • Mamma McCall

#3 What did I like about this episode?
Mason happily luring Nolan to the zoo in his car.
Theo & Liam having a punch fest to get the attention of the hunters.
Scott & Malia finding the map to Gerard’s plan.
Argent, Malia, Lydia, & Scott literally having a unlock but let’s lock the door back conundrum.
Malia & Scott moments together. Surprisingly I ship it, I don’t know why though.
#4 What didn’t I like about this episode?
The NO OXYGEN FOR YOU room that Scott & Malia were trapped in.
The remains of the two werewolves, that they thought were safe but weren’t.
Ex-Father McCall trying to be helpful but failing miserably.
The boy (forgot his name) strangling the coyote kid to death. Not cool at all.
Aaron’s spiders (I think he’s the other half), I hate spiders.
#5 What scene did I like the most (best scene throughout the episode)?
The scenes from the zoo & the laser jumping moments with Malia & Scott.
But we can’t forget about Lydia saving the day of course, so badass of her.
#6 What is next to come?
It was mentioned more then once but I feel as though Liam might be next. Gerard really wants Scott to snap, well he might just. You guys did hurt his mother after all.
(Didn’t watch any of the previews for the next episode to come while binge watching to catch up on the series.)
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