Teen Wolf (S06E18) "Genotype"

Woot! Woot! Two more episodes to go!

#1 What’s this episode about?
A new evil is about to rise & the gang might be over there heads. Trying to find the other half, understand Lydia’s prediction, & still deal with hunters! When can anyone have a chill break.
#2 Who’s in this episode?

  • Scott
  • Theo
  • Other Hellhound
  • Malia
  • Mason
  • Aaron
  • Lydia
  • Gerard
  • Two Faces
  • Liam
  • Quin

#3 What did I like about this episode?
Lydia’s hellhound vision was pretty cool.
Malia going on with her odd ideas again ( watching her take the breath out of Lydia made me want to scream, BAD IDEA!)
Theo & Mason teaming up in the sewers to find Aaron. The Brain and the Mischievous Bronze, what better duo is there.
Liam trying to reveal the teacher in class.
#4 What didn’t I like about this episode?
Quin (not her anymore) killing her mother.
That odd fusion ritual for Two Faces. I wasn’t expecting them to kiss, then fight, then fuse. That was so weird!
Gerard making a deal with our new problem; getting tired of this old man’s crap!
#5 What scene did I like the most (best scene throughout the episode)?
The fusion of the two faces. Loved the smoke colors & the final look of our new villain.
#6 What is next to come?
Now that there main enemy is on the loose & they can’t look at it. Plus it’s amplifying more fear into people! Time to fight blindly & only use: smell, touch and hearing.
(Didn’t watch any of the previews for the next episode to come while binge watching to catch up on the series.)
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