TeenWolf (S06E14) "Face-to-Faceless"

Wasting no time from hear on out, just getting to the reviews~    🙂

#1 What’s this episode about?
In tonight’s episode Scott & his gang are trying to pretend like nothing happened. (with the deaths of Lori & Brett) But still find a way to make peace with the hunters. Yet that plan might get altered because of all this fear that’s moving all across Beacon Hills. I worry for everyone at this point.
#2 Who’s in this episode?

  • Aaron
  • Liam
  • Mason
  • Corey
  • Nolan ( really needs to die)
  • Papa Stilinski
  • Scott
  • Malia
  • Argent
  • Lydia
  • Coach
  • Mamma McCall
  • Parrish

#3 What did I like about this episode?
Liam figuring out the guidance counselor is the new hunter in town.
Lydia trying to negotiate with Monroe in her own way. (I love Lydia & how her fashion sense has changed this half of the season. An loving her attitude.)
Scott dragging Liam out of bed & telling him to be Clark Kent. An to go to school. (Gotta live that double life kid,)
Mason guiding Corey & Liam through the hallways. (This made me laugh so hard.)
#4 What didn’t I like about this episode?
Monroe not negotiating well with Scott. (Literally lady he’s trying to warn you of a greater evil out there! DANG!)
Parrish having literally a panic attack! Scared me, cause I thought he was going to turn all hellhound & put the station ablaze!
Nolan & his gang beating up Liam & the teacher for that class literally doing nothing. It angered me so much seeing him get hurt & no one helping at all! (I know Mason tried; I hate bullying! I know it’s a show but it hurt to watch it all go down.)
The fact that the damn corpse is on the MOVE spreading more fear!
#5 What scene did I like the most (best scene throughout the episode)?
The only main scene I loved was Liam being dragged out of bed by Scott. Cause the rest of the episode had be mad as hell!
#6 What is next to come?
To be honest, I just want Stiles back. Yes, he’ll be a tad mad about not being let in on the craziness but at least he could come up with a plan. He needs to be apart of this! I just don’t want anyone being beaten to death again! (unless there the enemy)
(Didn’t watch any of the previews for the next episode to come while binge watching to catch up on the series.)
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