BALLERS: (S03E10) "Yay Area"

Wait, the season is over already?  This last show of the season tied up a lot if loose ends…with the exception of why Candace despises Spencer. Maybe next season. I hope so. There’s a lot of heat between these 2. “If you smell what’s cookin!”
Other things to look forward to is the latest Fat Reggie quest. It looks like he’s going “Get Shorty” as he’s billing himself as the latest “Ray Donovan. ” Serving the NFL troubled, due to their bad choices; he’s the self proclaimed problem solver. Knowing Reggie, his fees are a Quarterback envy! His mischief has been rather tame this season. Yet with this tease, next season looks promising.
Mr Greane found his balls in LA, during an interview with the Rams for GM. He was abruptly dismissed & didn’t like it. Bravo!
Ricky retires. He’s truly off his rocker, abandoning his very own “Fat Reggie” & hightails it to LA to be with his baby mama-Amber…#Looser
And the Spencer/ASM pitch to the NFL owners worked! Although Spencer’s pitch centered around building in Oakland so that the Raiders could stay in The Bay, The Anderson Brothers are approved to do what needs to be done in Vegas. ‘Bye Raiders! And now you know the back story regarding this move right? #blameitontheboogie
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The return date, TBA
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