The Good Place (S02E01/02) "Chapter 14/15: Everything Is Great!"

The season premiere of The Good Place was funnier than I could have imagine. Even re-watching the hour long episode was even better and picked up other jokes along the way that I didn’t get the first time.
In the season premiere, after the events that took place in the season finale, Michael believes that this second plan of doing a do over and changing a few things will work this time. Boy, was he wrong.
Throught the episode, we see Michael reintroudce Eleanor, Chidi, Jason and Tahani, both having different soulmates and different situations that different for the characters and hilarious. Even with Tahani and Jason were espcially hilarious watching them with their soulmates and dealing with their new life.
We see more of Michael in a way like seeing an evil Wizard of Oz without the certain. We see him carry out his plan with the other people in The Good Place and try to get Eleanor to drink, steal shrimp and give an insulating speech but the plan didn’t carry out the way he had hope it would. Even though the plan was ruined, Eleanor did tells Michael how she figured it out with the note that she left in Janet’s mouth. After that just like Michael said to the Good Place gang, “the third time is the charm.”
But even though it’s the third time, there’s one person in The Good Place that doesn’t know about it, Sean. After another redo, Michael get a call from Sean about how the plan was going and of course, he lies to him about it trying to avoid getting forced retired and sent to the sun.
The season really kicked off great. There were so many amazing and hilarious moments from Michael having a town hall meeting with his coworkers to Eleanor and Chidi figuring out how they first met to even Tahani trying to deal with her new living situation. I thought that Ted Danson really stole the episode. I even got chills after he yells about finding Eleanor and the others. The writing was really strong. Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.
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