Bruno Duarte Below Deck

I was able to ask one of the newest members of the deck crew several questions about his adventures this season on Below Deck.  Here’s what he had to say

1.      What made you decide to do the show?

I wanted an upgrade from what I was doing on cruise ships, so yachting was number 1 to enhance my career.

2.       Is doing the show as fun as you thought it would be?

I never thought that it would be so funny, I was extremely worried about it, I was only focused on doing my job and proving my professionalism. 

3.       Did you expect the fan’s reactions to be what they are?

I hope that fans see the real me, a hard worker, kind and respectful. 

4.       How different is yachting from working on a cruise ship?

A totally different game, I used to work  with more than 5000 guest onboard plus 1500 crew. Big cruise ships are like floating cities.

5.       What surprised you the most about filming the show?

The whole show was a surprise for me! I wasn’t sure what I was getting into and it was an incredible experience.

6.       What was the best thing about filming the show?  The hardest?

The best thing about filming the show is that I could prove my work ethic and show the world that I’m a hard worker. The hardest was the pressure at the beginning, the learning of a new job and the adjustment to a new smaller ship.

7.       Did the cameras make your job more difficult?

Not at all, those guys are insane, they will be on your face without you even realize (laughs), they are amazing I met really nice people there.

 8.       Did you feel you were given adequate chances to prove yourselves?

Well it’s not about giving you chances, it’s about you actually proving yourself and stepping up with choices and work. You have to set it up and do it, if you wait for chances you probably are getting a ticket home.

10.   Do you think Captain Lee and Nico judged you too harshly given your lack of experience?

Captain Lee has the responsibility of a multimillionaire’s boat, the safety  of everyone onboard, and first of all, guest dream vacations, so I understand where he comes from.

Nico, he’s a nice kid, he’s learning but applying it well. He is smart and a very good listener. He’s going to learn a lot and prove every captain his values. I’m proud of him, I wouldn’t mind to work with him again at all. 

11.   Was the job harder than you expected?

Oh for sure, you never get the reality till you actually there, in middle of learning everything in hours and applying and running…yes it was harder than I expected.

12.   What was the most unusual thing you had to do because of a guest request?

Well to be honest we all always have ideas to make the experience more fun, even if they don’t ask we go always above and beyond, I think we were more crazy than the guests.(laughs)

13.   What did you think of the interior crew?

The interior crew is as green as the exterior team. I love Jen and Bri, Jen she’s a sweet and funny girl, just don’t cross her(laughs). Bri, she’s like the nature goddess, she’s always zen, calm and cares about people around her.  

14.   What would you change if you could?

I, myself, would change absolutely nothing. I think my willingness to learn and work hard will be shown and regardless if I had a hard couple first days I stood up and carried on, so let’s wait… 

15.   What was the best thing that happened while filming?  The worst?

The best thing that happen while filming, was the reality of people, and actually getting to know my crewmates more vulnerable sides. We all became very close. The worst, is coming up on the show, a very dramatic accident that terrified me.

16.   What do you want the fans to know about yourselves?

I personally want the fans to look at us as real people, that we are not on a script or doing something we’re told to do. Every minute of the show is real, and with that I want them to see us as hard working people. I like to treat people nice and respect everyone, even when I get disrespected, and mainly to see me 100% Bruno.


17.   Do you have any messages for the fans?

I want to tell the fans 2 very important things, first thank you all for the amazing support that I’m receiving on all social media: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Tumbler… it’s crazy, but good! Love you all!

And second but most important – we are indeed entitled to free speech, we leave in a world, that people can share their opinions and thoughts,  regardless your religion, your skin color or sexuality, everybody has a voice to be heard. Remember, with that comes the responsibility for what we say, I know that sometimes it’s easier just to say whatever to anyone because you’re not actually looking in their eyes, but for that exactly reason, a lot of people struggle because they feel alone. Instead of writing sometimes, just listen. Let’s be kind and use our voices (or fingers) responsibly.

Be sure to tune in to Bravo for new episodes every Tuesday night at 9 pm for more of Bruno and the rest of the BelowDeck crew.