Kevin Can Wait (S02E01) "Civil Ceremony" Season Premiere

Last night’s season premiere of Kevin Can Wait was hilarious at time but also felt so strange in a way.
“In “Civil Ceremony,” the series seems to jump a year after the season one finale. When Kevin forgets to mail Chale’s immigration papers, Kevin does all he can to keep his daughter’s fiance to stay, even if that means putting on a quick wedding.
I will admit that this episode had some funny moments. From Kevin and Chale’s meeting with the immigration guy and when things were good, it went south when Kevin mentions terrorism. Even Leah’s character helping Kendra with her wedding and invites the stripper, who happens to be a plummer, not only appears once but will appear twice and the second time will be even creaper and funny.
But the thing that was so strange was the show addressing about Donna’s death. We only get a short word about Donna’s death, but with all due respect, where’s the respect for the character? Only get a little after Kevin gets mail from Donna’s gym saying they miss her. I don’t know about you, but I didn’t feel satisfied at all. I was hoping a little more like a sit down and talk about it but I guess they really wanted to address it qucik and move on.
This episode was pretty good. It did delivered some funny moments and even a heart warming one with Kevin and Kendra just before he walked her down the chaple for the wedding. But at the end of the day the one big thing that the show was going to do just didn’t feel it was done in the right way. I feel that it should have been a bit longer in talking about Erin Hayes’ characer Donna. And now that it aired I don’t think they’ll address about it again and just move on with life.
Overall, I give this season premiere a 7/10.
You can catch Kevin Can Wait Mondays at 9/8c on CBS.