Brooklyn Nine-Nine (S05E01): "The Big House Part 1"

After the summer hiatus, the Nine-Nine is finally back! …but not entirely. Following season 4’s cliffhanger, Jake & Rosa are in prison and the Nine-Nine are doing their best to get them out.
img 7505 - Brooklyn Nine-Nine (S05E01): "The Big House Part 1"
Jake is, let’s face it, having a horrible time in prison, despite his smiley attitude in the beginning of the episode. From Amy and Charles’s visitation time getting cut short to outright experiencing police brutality first hand, poor Jake really needs a break. Rosa is comparatively doing better in prison with her being in solitary. Still, prison is scary and dangerous, especially if you’re there under false accusation.
img 7387 - Brooklyn Nine-Nine (S05E01): "The Big House Part 1"
The episode is such a good season premiere! It was kind of dark, given the setting and situation, but it managed to be hilarious, even though the comedy leaned towards black comedy this episode, it never felt out of place, and it even hit all the right places a heartfelt comedy should. The episode even managed to get in some commentary on how broken the prison system is that even the corrupt warden says that prison is rough for everyone, especially for trans people.
All in all, the premiere is such a welcomed sight after the long hiatus. It was funny at the parts it needed to be funny and serious at the parts where tension was needed, but, in true Nine-Nine fashion, despite the drama and bleakness of the situation, it never lost the comedy. Welcome back, Brooklyn Nine-Nine! I just hope I’ll be saying welcome back to Jake & Rosa very soon!