Fear The Walking Dead (S03E12) "Brother's Keeper"

For those wondering about Troy’s wereabouts, there you have it, surviving and crazier than ever!
Meanwhile after the nation and ranchers found a common ground to cooperate and live in “peace”, things are getting hard without enough water and still no sign of Madison and Taqa.
Cattle are being sacrificed and Jake isn’t very happy about, in fact he is very negative about this whole survival and saving the ranch thing. Alicia tries to cheer him up and show him this place is worth it. She even promised to find more cows in the future if the make it!
The older Otto has other ideas, like running away and live happily ever after with Alicia. Sorry dude, our girl isn’t like that! The only thing nagging her is knowing the truth about Jeremiah’s dead and having to lie to Jake about it.
Jake is falling and Crazy Dog and Ofelia know it. They are aware on who the stronger ones are and more capable of being leaders, yes we are talking about the Clarks. As I said many times, they are the real heros!
fear 13 - Fear The Walking Dead (S03E12) "Brother's Keeper"
We have an interesting conversation with the Clark siblings. While Nick and Alicia are still waiting for her mom’s return, they talked about everything that is happening. Well at least now that everything is in the open they get to stay in good terms.
Nick said maybe he isn’t too different from Troy. “I killed a man and now Im living in his house”. Alicia tries to resonate with him, because he didn’t do it out of evil, he was just defending the ranch and his family. But Nick still feels guilty and sorry about Troy, the younger Clark knows better and tells Nick what he isn’t admitting. “You don’t owe him, you like him. Because you share the same self destructive”
So yes, this whole new “relationships” and bondings aren’t random at all.
The Clarks and Ottos
While Nick was trying to sleep, our crazy fellow Troy sneaked into the ranch and the house. In all his craziness he warns Nick about a real danger and unstoppable problem that is coming. Nick doesn’t know for sure what’s he talking about, but knowing him there’s must be some truth behind it.
Meanwhile the loving couple are having problems on their own. Jake wants to leave and Alicia wants to stay and fight. The older Otto just lost all hope and his loved ones so what’s the point on staying? He tells Alicia even what with Madison and Taqa are bringing it won’t be enough. Alicia just won’t have it. The conversation takes another twist and Jake questions Alicia’s intentions.
He tells her he doesn’t need her caring and protection and Alicia feels annoyed by it. She truly did it out of care but Jake seems to think a little different and confronts her. “ Did you really like me?” “Is this a relantionship or an alliance?” Or was that the plan all alone? Madison works my dad, Nick bonds with Troy and you seduce me?
Ok, dude Im gonna stop you right there! How dare you to doubt about our Alicia!
Well I know how it looks and it makes sense if you think about it, but we all know even tho the younger Clark cares about her family and all she also cares about Jake and keeping the ranch alive.
This moment is short cut by Nick telling them about Troy’s last doing. Jake goes mad and goes after him with Nick.
The brothers
Jake has made up his mind. There’s no use, he needs to take care of Troy, and by “taking care” he means put him down. Nick is not so sure, maybe because of his bond with Troy or the guilt he feels, we don’t know for sure.
But when they find Troy, they also find something even worst: A HORDE OF INFECTED COMING TO THE RANCH. And who is leading them? Yes, you go it right, is Troy!
Nick quickly warns Alicia about the infected threat and Alicia goes directly to Ofelia. They need to prepare, like RIGHT NOW!
Troy just wants to see the world burn and Jake just had enough. Nick tries to resonate with Troy while Jake is pointing the gun at him, sorry mate, Troy is too far gone and you need to get it.
Jake is about to kill him when Nick pushes him down the hill and he is attacked by an infected which bites him in the arm. Nick tries to save him by telling Troy tu cut off the arm before the infection spreads. I feel some Hershel vibes here.
Now they need to hurry, one to try and save Jake and two to help the people at the ranch.
fear 51 - Fear The Walking Dead (S03E12) "Brother's Keeper"
Together we survive
So now the Nation and the ranchers know about the new threat that is minutes away from them and it is to late to evacuate.
After a little discussion Ofelia convinces Crazy Dog to give weapons to the ranchers.
He commands and builds a wall with the RV’s in order to try and redirect the horde. Everyone is armed and ready. But the infected are too many and they start to push and throw the RV’s. Within seconds the chaos starts.
Crazy Dog, Ofelia, Alicia and Coop try to content the walkers while the people scapes to the pantry. Coop is captured by a few walkers and it’s too late, Alicia needs to make the call and kills him. She goes after Ofelia and saves her. More and more walkers are coming and the rest of the people needs to hide ASAP.
Ofelia shouts to Alicia: Go to the pantry, they’ll follow you, lead them! (Is this a premise of what’s to come?)
So after some more struggle Crazy Dog, Ofelia and Alicia make it to the pantry and hide themselves there with the rest of the survivors.
fear 8 - Fear The Walking Dead (S03E12) "Brother's Keeper"
From afar, Nick is watching the whole scene while stuck with Troy and a dying Jake.
The older Otto starts turning and Troy seems more sad about the fact he didn’t get to see what he is done to the ranch than his brother’s death. Thus Nick makes a click, grabs Troy and shows him what he is done!
He asks Nick to kill him but he won’t do it, not right now. They need to save the ranchers first!
RIP to Jake and Coop, you will be missed!
I don’t think I can picture Madison and Walker’s faces when they get there. Just imagine getting back with a solution and finding this MESS!
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