The Goldbergs (S05E01) “Weird Science”

Welcome back to TV Series Hub for another season of reviews of The Goldbergs! Last night’s episode kicked off season 5(!) of the show.

Last season we saw Erica graduate high school and right now it’s time for college. Beverly and Murray drop her off and of course, this leads to some problems. Bev being Bev, isn’t happy about her oldest child leaving the nest and wants to have a proper goodbye with Erica, which has to include at least 4 different types of kisses. Erica is not happy about this and just wants her mom and dad to drop her off at college and leave as fast as possible. But before Erica knows it, Beverly has already talked to her RA, brought all her stuff (and I mean all, even her favorite New Boy in the Neighborhood) to her dorm room and even guilts Erica into letting her stay the night in her dorm. Of course Erica doesn’t want anyone to know about her mom spending the night, but when the fire alarm goes off, everybody finds out anyway. An embarrassed Erica is now even angrier with Bev and tells her to leave and bans her from campus without a proper goodbye and without kisses. When she and her roommate Erica (yes, really, there are 2 Ericas now) take down all the stuff Bev brought to college, Erica realizes how lucky she is to have parents that care enough to get her a nice sendoff. She makes up to Beverly by giving her the goodbye she wanted, with Eskimo kisses and all.
Back at home, Barry is still sad about his breakup with Lainey. He takes his anger out on Adam, who then, inspired by the movie Weird Science, decides to help him get a girlfriend. He tells his brother that they will be using the same method as in the movie. This way Adam can collect all the things Barry is looking for in a girlfriend, and together with Jackie they search for his perfect woman. However, Barry’s demands are so unrealistic and there’s only one girl who wants to be with him (only to get back at Lainey) and that’s Carla. Barry is annoyed that they haven’t been able to find him a girl, to which Adam tells him that Weird Science isn’t real. Barry confesses that he already knew this but just wanted to believe that things would be fine and that somebody else would love him again. Adam assures him that there will be somebody out there that will love him again and to get Barry to forgive him, he’s willing to embarrass himself in front of the whole school. Barry forgives his little brother and realizes that instead of bullying Adam, they should work together.
I’m so glad that the show is back and they’re off to a great start! This episode was filled with great lines and funny scenes, as well as the usual heartfelt ending. I am very much looking forward to how the writers will handle Erica’s college career on the show. Her roommate seems like a nice addition to the cast, so that’s a good start. I really liked this part of the episode especially considering this happened to Adam in real life. 
I also enjoyed the other storyline. I’m glad that Barry is trying to move on from Lainey, but I’m sure he will find a lot of difficulties along the way. I loved seeing Jackie back, I really like this character and the way Rowan Blanchard is playing her is great!
This premiere was a nice way to start off the season, I can’t wait to see what happens next!
The next episode of The Goldbergs airs Wednesday October 4th, 8/7c n ABC.
The first Bev bomb of the season!