Chicago PD (S05E01) "Reform"

The season premiere of Chicago PD aired last night with a short, but sweet goodbye to Sophia Bush’s beloved character, Erin Lindsay. By the end, the writers seem to hint at a possible romance between Halstead and newbie Upton.
But the episode is far from romantic for Halstead. In fact, this episode paints the harsh reality for white male cops in the US today. When Halstead accidentally misfires at a young girl, he is crippled with backlash. It is nice to see Chicago PD tackling pressing issues in the season premiere, and I hope they continue to develop these storylines throughout the entire season.
Probably the most interesting dynamic in this episode was the tension between Ruzek and Atwater. Having always been good friends, their differences over how to handle black suspects creates a potential falling-out situation for the friends that I am excited to follow. PD so often focuses on romantic relationships, that is would be refreshing to see two friends in conflict.
While this episode feels fairly similar to any other past episode, you can tell things are changing. Not only has Lindsay’s departure affected Halstead, but it appears Voight is in therapy to hash out his feelings. I like this detail and am curious to see how he deals with having his almost-daughter out of the picture. Will he become softer? Will he find someone else to connect with – perhaps Halstead who is dealing with the loss of Erin, too? Or will he grow more violent?
The plotline of “Reframe” was pretty typical for the series, but still interesting, mostly because of the attention focused on characters rather than the crime. I’d like to see some new storylines and tactics in this fifth season of Chicago PD, however. With a shift in the main characters (including the return of Jon Seda, who left the show to work on Chicago Justice), it is the perfect time for some positive changes.
What were your thoughts on the season premiere? Would you change anything about PD? How do you feel about the return of former detective Antiono Dawson? Let us know in the comments!