Will & Grace (S09E01) "11 Years Later"

The 11 year wait is finally over. Our favourite foursome are back together and it’s as though nothing has changed. The onscreen chemistry is undeniable and brilliant, they mesh so well together and bring a smart and witty comedy back to our screens. They may have aged, but they are quick on the draw when it comes to current events.

What about the last season of Will and Grace? Well forget everything you saw. There were never any children, and the spouses are long gone and out of their lives. In this world Will (Erik McCormack) and Grace (Debra Messing) are single and living together. Jack (Sean Hayes) is forever on his journey of self discovery and Karen (Megan Mullally) is as inappropriate as ever. It’s refreshing that nothing has changed.

Politics are hard to avoid, so just like any other issue they bring the inevitable to the forefront. Current events are a necessity in shows like these, so it’s nice to see that they have kept up with their former trend. Will is smitten with a politician  he should be repulsed by, and with Jack’s persistence they set up a “chance” meeting at a political event. While Grace is sideswiped by Karen’s big news, that Grace has been asked to redecorate the Oval Office.

As you can imagine, shenanigans ensue. Especially when Will and Grace find each other in the same place at the same time doing what is against their convictions and beliefs. A classic Will and Grace fight complete with a pillow fight in the oval office catapults us right back to past seasons. The conflict is always just below the surface, but they always make up in the end.

With this revitalization of a long, almost lost comedy. I hope that new generations will be exposed to a “new” show that seemed to always be ahead of the times, especially with idealisations and real life issues that no other show had tackled so in-depth before. It will be interesting to see how the deal with other worldly situations.

Perhaps Will, Grace, Karen and Jack will be around for many more years to come. One can only hope.

Rating: 9/10

Will and Grace airs on NBC every Thursday at 9/8c.

Photo: IMDB