American Made (2017)

So I will be honest when I first heard about this film being made I was all like, this doesn’t seem like Tom Cruise’s style of movie. But then that first trailer came online and I was like “really this seems interesting but I might give it a try just for the hell of it” I mean its a story I feel like it should’ve been made a lot sooner in our earlier years. Because of the comedic use but its also suppose to be one of those stories thats true but not true at the same time. So how much of it is real? Thats what you have to ask yourself, sadly all of it is true!
So with this film we are given a look into the life and death of Barry Seals (Tom Cruise) how he went from paying pilot with a airline to spy pilot to drug mule to spy pilot/drug mule again. All I can say this story is one crazy story, the story starts in 1978 revealing that Barry, hates what he does, even though it gives him and his wife Lucy (Sarah Wright) the life that they want with all the money they could think of. Until he is caught by the C.I.A. (Domhnall Gleeson) when he is caught in a bar smuggling Columbian cigars he’s given an option that would change his life forever.
With this film it literally had a lot of comedy like jokes and situations that made you just laugh out loud at Tom Cruise. Even though Tom Cruise did have a stunt accident while the filming of this film was happening but good to know that he made it out of this film with not that bad of injuries. I will have to say this that when it got to Barry Seals having to stop spying on countries for the C.I.A. and start muling drugs for the Cartels, which people who don’t know, the Cartel’s were one of the many huge drug distributors mainly for cocaine but they also had millions of deaths on their hands. And yes some of those deaths that it has been said that they were involved with were shown in this film. Like for instance Barry’s step-brother JB (Caleb Landry Jones) who in this film I could see him as a pedophile just by his choice in girls and not women. I mean there needs to be some kind of laws about that back then right, but I guess it doesn’t matter, the guy got himself blown up by the Cartel’s.
As I continued watching the film, I always knew that President Reagan being the evil and cruel hearted person he always was sell out Barry Seals to the Cartel’s on live television. And it wasn’t just Barry, that the Cartel’s were after, it was also everyone back then in the C.I.A. everyone was being hit because the Cartel’s wanted full on revenge. Sure they got it with Barry, which lead the C.I.A. who did survive to take them all down but it didn’t help because they were out within months being able to do more crimes within the United States for many years.
If you like history even if its ridiculous history about aviation this is one film I would recommend cause its a great story, theres just a lot of craziness that happens within the time of this story.
American Made is now out in theaters