Bull (S02E01) "School for Scandal"

It’s the 2nd season of Bull and the gang’s all here. I’ll admit I was expecting JP (Eliza Dushka), Liberty (Dena Tyler) or both!  But we’ve got Diana Lindsay (Jill Flint) She’s rumored and speculated to be a romantic interest of Jason’s.  They slept together, so “mayhapso”

Yet I’d rather see the too cute and “never saw her coming” Liberty and the “what am I gonna do with you” JP and “that face” to renew my excitement for the 2nd season. Never the less,  Bull is back, Diana comes and goes and all is right with the world. Now on to what happened last night.

The episode begins with Kara (Minka Kelly) attempting to renegotiate her pre nup with her husband and billionaire, Marcus Clayton (Ronald Guttman. They’ve been married for 5 years. He refuses. She then strategically stabs herself. Her husband tries to stop her & grabs the knife. With his fingerprints on the knife now, she shoots him…in self defense!  

The Clayton family estate pays Bull $250k now and a promise of $250k later, to negotiate a settlement with Kara. Bull is happy! The down payment catches up on bills. TAC is basically living, “paycheck to paycheck!”

Diane Lindsay is in town. The same woman who left Bull in his boxers, standing in a Callisto, Texas field with a cow, last season. She invites Bull over. They get busy.  In the afterglow, Diane shares she’s representing Kara Clayton & her self defense claim. While still naked and under the sheets, she asks Bull for his help. He can’t. He’s on the other team and can’t jump sides, even for her. This time, he leaves her in bed as she proclaims, ” I’ll see you in court”

This is something new for the show. I like the Detective Columbo style of seeing the crime committed & we’re the witnesses. The mystery being , “catch me!” And he did. Apparently Kara forgot to take off her gloves when she pulled the trigger. The gun had no finger prints, not even hers. In addition, she majored in anatomy in college, knowing exactly where to stab without killing herself! It was good.  

I also liked the background music that was woven thru out. “Lovely Day” by Bill Withers is a fun, light touch. There’s also a greater simplicity; a greater sense of client conviction & clarity on how to gauge the jury and how it works. I hope they keep it up.

In sidebar:
Bull negotiates a 100% scholarship for Chunk, thru The Clayton Foundation. Chunk’s planning to attend Vanderbilt in Nashville, for law. He cant afford The City and he along with the others, hasn’t received a raise in 3 years! (See paycheck to paycheck reference) Bull in his certainty of a win, negotiates a 100% scholarship so Chunk can attend school in New York.  He also works out an extra $350K, when he proves wrongful death/murder. He did and it was done. Guilty, murder 1.  

So Chunk gets his scholarship, the staff gets a raise & Diana will be back. I hope not before Liberty or JP.  

Bull airs Tuesday’s; 9:00 p.m. Pacific Time