Empire (S04E01) "Noble Memory"

It’s Empire’s 20th anniversary. They wanna do it big; Motown 25 style. How this comes to pass, is what this season’s premiere is about.
It’s been 5 months since the explosion. Dwight, formerly known as Lucious, formerly known as Dwight, is limping. His left leg is gone, as is his memory.
Cookie’s hair is blond/gold to match her outfit for the eveming. She’s also the face within the Empire Logo. What?! ‘Not liking this season already!
In a very light crossover, “Star’s” Carlotta (Queen Latifah ) approaches Lucious with a request that he hook her up with a producer, “for ol’time sake” They apparently have history. Lucious says, “okay” although he doesnt remember her.  Cookie scurries him away with a “call the office Monday” No one must know about his memory loss. 
24 hours earlier: Andre ain’t owning his role in the bombing & he’s  pointing the finger @ Guiliana. He’s shaking!  The investigation is still open! Why?! He looks for Shine.  
Diana Dubois shows up @ Hakeem’s. He missed bringing Bella for her Tuesday visit with her! She has pictures and threatens.
Diana wants each of the Lyon’s children destroyed…”picking their bones” for what was taken from her. #angelo During a massage, she’s demanding results from Warren, the twin working Jamal. Her skin is fab, by the way.  
Anika’s in jail. Dwicious thinks Tiana is Bella’s mama. He’s not corrected.  
Claudia accompanies Dwicious home. He doesnt answer to Lucious & doesn’t know who that is! He remembers nothing! Yet he’s so calm &…kind! “It’s ok, Cookie, don’t cry”  He also hates his music. 🎤♩”It’s angry and violent”  Wow!
Yet the greatest concern? He wants to run away from the people who calls him family! He seems so detached. Where’s his mama?! #murderess. 
In the midst of it all, is Claudia (Dr, nurse, therapist) Her methods seem unethical, yet she calls it technique. She does manage to be the calming force for Dwight, right now. She’s his “North” Annoying Cookie to no end! 
Coming present: Dwicious panics at the event, runs & doesn’t want to go on stage.  Claudia talks him down & he’s ok. He speaks well, (Noble Memory) & shows his prosthetic.  He then wants Claws to take him home. Cookie is saddened. Her devastation shows.
I like this Dwight/Lucious. He seems to have a soul and genuinely cares about people. Many think he’s faking. He’s known to do that. Yet I hope not. That other guy can be tiring and it gets old.
And finally, Shine hates snitches;  BANG!
Empire airs, Wednesday’s @ 9:00 p.m. Pacific Time