Inhumans (S01E01) "Behold…The Inhumans"

So one thing I’ve always said to myself is that for a show to be successful, the premiere episode has to sell it to the audience! And this first episode had so much that had happened in it but it was a really good start for this series. And I’m starting to understand that all that saw the first two episodes back in theaters for IMAX must’ve been Marvel Cinematic Universe haters because I absolutely loved this first episode!
In this first episode we had Triton (Mike Moh) whose trying to get an inhuman back to Attilian City. However with watch dog’s organization chasing them its hard to get back to the city. Triton makes a run for it trying to save himself; during this Black Bolt (Anson Mount) and Medusa (Serinda Swan) are having a moment, before having to be ready for the ceremony. But things don’t tend to look to good for the great king and his wife; within only time Maximus (Iwan Rheon) makes a daring move against Black Bolt to try to make all doubt his ruling about what he had done with Triton. But Gorgon (Eme Ikuwakor) wants to make it a rescue mission with brute force, but with the wish of the king, Black Bolt, Gorgon goes unarmed.
One thing I loved about Inhumans from the comics is the royal family’s pet and loyal companion Lockjaw. That dog is literally the best dog ever, he can teleport you to places, he can be your best friend. Lockjaw as I knew would be a scene stealer and he is, that dog is just plain too cute and awesome. I’m really glad that the animators and visual effects artists were able to bring Lockjaw to life for the series, all of those animators and visual effects artists need to be praised for life.
I truly loved in this episode the mini battle that Medusa had with Maximus’s guards who tried taking her down. Seeing the animation of that hair is so magnificent, it makes me want to cry in how well they animated everything that is alive in this series. Its amazing, and even though Medusa’s hair is taken away at this moment, it will be back and Maximus will have hell to pay for cutting off those lovely locks of hair.
At the end of this episode Medusa, Karnak (Ken Leung), and Black Bolt are all transported to Earth on Triton’s location revealing that its Earth, Honolulu, Hawaii to be exact.
Next Episode: Inhumans (S01E02): “Those Who Would Destroy Us” aired today September 29, 2017