Inhumans (S01E02) "Those Who Would Destroy Us"

With this being part two to the season premiere episode this episode didn’t let fans down to whom have been waiting for years for this to be made. With this episode it started right where we left off but I have to say Medusa (Serinda Swan) without her beautiful red animated hair makes me sad for her. And I also found interesting that they revealed that the royal family knows about what happened in Agents of Shield with the terragenisis which shows that both shows are connected within the Marvel Cinematic Universe! But lets get to this review.
With Maximus (Iwan Rheon) now in command as the new king of Attilan City and gaining numbers in his followers within the city. It seems that Attilan is not looking to great for the royal family of the inhumans. Black Bolt (Anson Mount) having to go through quite a lot since he was sent to Earth by Lockjaw especially with law enforcement chasing him down for stopping traffic and for shoplifting. The police are just not fans of the great king Black Bolt. I mean after seeing his ability they lashed out like how Black Bolt was afraid would happen.
With Medusa (Serinda Swan) she was transported all the way to the other end of Honolulu, Hawaii which took her most of the episode to try to get back to where Black Bolt is located or at least somewhat located. As for Attilan, Crystal (Isabelle Cornish) is still not going to bow down before Maximus which disappoints Maximus. I mean does Maximus really think that just because he’s now in control that the true princess is going to bow down to his reign. I don’t think so, shes faithful to the Inhuman royals! Even though with Maximus finding out from Crystal by using one of Auran’s (Sonya Balmores) abilities to trick Lockjaw (which puts him into a deep slumber) to tell Auran and Maximus where the royals went.
That part literally had me heartbroken seeing Lockjaw my favorite character being put into that deep slumber because he was tricked and he can’t forgive himself for being tricked. I mean that dog needs to wake up and bring forth hell’s wrath on Maximus. With a flashback we also saw what happened to Black Bolt’s parents, which I never knew that much about Black Bolt’s past he’s been one of those characters that I’ve always been not too sure about. But seeing his past that he’s responsible for killing his own parents, that puts a lot on him knowing that he did such a terrible thing at such a young age. Even though it was an accident because he didn’t understand his abilities just yet and wanted answers from his parents.
Auran eventually does get lead to Honolulu, Hawaii where she tracks the whereabouts of Medusa. Leading to a big fight against bald Medusa; Medusa stabs Auran with a human knife, thinking she is dead; Medusa wraps Auran’s body up in plastic and leaves it at the scene of the crime. Medusa makes one last contact to Black Bolt before he has to give up his communications device, vowing the two of them will reunite and make Maximus pay for what he has done to their city. At the end of the episode Auran revives and is very much alive, I guess this means that human weapons can’t kill Inhuman royals, its hard to really say as of right now but now she’s on the hunt for the royals and that will bring death, lots of death to Honolulu.
Next episode: Inhumans (S01E03): “Divide and Conquer” airs Friday October 6, 2017 9/8c