NCISNOLA (S04E01) "Rogue Nation"

There’s Automatic fire on the freeway and a big rig is hi jacked; Soldiers are killed. BOOM-BOOM-BOOM-BOOM! 
The episode continues with NCIS HeadQuarters, still on the warpath.  It’s been 6 weeks since The Clearwater showdown. Pride’s on probation and Administrative leave.  The team is stuck at their desk doing paper work. They’re being supervised by a tough red head and company trouble shooter in the interim. Meet special agent Bond. (Becky Ann Baker) She’s by the book. There will be no rogue behavior or independent thinking. This is made clear when they’re called to the site of the hi jacking.
Meanwhile, Pride’s at the bar; it’s renovated.  He’s doing some soul searching while on downtime. Can he still do this job?  He really wanted to kill Hamilton and doesn’t like that feeling! Can he do it?
Outside his bar, someone’s flattening the tires on his baby blue classic CADDY.  
Back at the site, Sebastian finds a residual powder in the abandoned rig. It’s Nuclear Waste! This makes  this a terrorist attack & an FBI case.
Along with Homeland Security and other alphabet agencies like DHS & DOD they take over the NCIS offices, dismissing the team.  
The FBI is certain this is ISIS. The team thinks it’s a Radicalized Domestic Terrorist Group, due to the logistics of the strike. It is. It’s “EndNukes” and the hunt for the dirty bombs and other fireworks begin.
LaSalle, assuming team leadership in Pride’s absence, goes to Loretta for guidance. Pride does this too. They bring Pride in as a matter of civic duty.  Clever 
Needless to say, they stopped the bomb after another shoot out during a fireworks display; explosive! 
By show’s end,  Pride signs a letter of “good behavior”as required by Headquarters to be reinstated. He promises to behave and follow the rules…right?!
Pride also sang in his bar with the boys, “Putting Some Sauce on It”  Then special musical guest, Jimmy Buffett sang, “Pay in Gumbo” for an added treat. But wait! Gregorio and Percy agree to move in together! They’re roomies!  Get the popcorn!  
It was good show. ‘Particularly enjoyed the music and the possibility of a ‘Lavern & Shirley” lightness. It’s needed. N’awlins can get brutal.  
NCIS New Orleans airs Tuesday’s; 10:00 p.m. Pacific Time