Star (S02E01) "The Winner Takes It All"

In the second season opener: Star’s having nightmares of Hunter’s mom.  She’s taking her baby! She’s also sleeping with the label guy who looks like Mike Epps! Their $1M win is not working out like they planned, so she’s trying everything! 
Star’s also questioned in the murder of Hunter.  She’s released after showing pictures of how Hunter beat her.
At home, Carlotta is trying to connect with Lucious Lyon @ Empire. Although Big Trouble has won the covenant prize; they still need a producer.  Carlotta and Lucious “go way back” She walks upon him asking this favor.  He agrees, although he doesn’t remember her. She’s told to  “call the office”. right!   
Alex is moving in with Derek. She’s lost the baby. She appears to be having trouble talking about it to any one, even her girls and  especially her man, Derek.  She shuts down.
Cotton’s out of jail. She’s on probation and must report once a week .  She also has to pay restitution; $20K to Eliot.   For money, she’s working at “the club” Eliot sees her and says, “Hi baby” She slaps him and walks away. I smiled.  
Ayanna Floyd  (Michael Michele) is the new “bisch” and label head. “Mike Epps” is fired. Jamal,  in a light crossover from Empire, brings Carlotta to Ayanna. Abruptly, she tells Carlotta to”call the office”  Well she was getting a massage at the time, so…
But the ending of the episode was particularly good.  It provided just enough shock and WTF:
It appears Alex really had an abortion, not a miscarriage. ‘Done in secret, she remains in pain; emotionally
Jahil is dead.  What?! He appears to be in the body count with Hunter and Jahil’s “niece” Eva.
Yet the greatest shocker? it looks like Carlotta shot Jahil!   We’ll find out next week. ‘Must see!
Star airs, Wednesday nights at 10 p.m. Pacific Time