Jeepers Creepers 3 Movie Review

img 0145 - Jeepers Creepers 3 Movie Review
I just got out of a pretty much sold out theater of “Jeepers Creepers,” and after being in development for awhile, the question fans will have is: does this film live up to the hype? In my eyes, yes, it does. One thing fans should know before watching this film is that the film is both a sequel and prequel, since the events of this film take place right on the same night where the first movie ended.
The basic setup for the film is about a sheriff by the name of Tashtego who is on the hunt for the creature that attacked his station and is willing to do anything to find a way to kill it before it goes away for another twenty three years. While the cops are out  looking for the creature, we get introduced to a few new characters such as Addison Brandon and her grandmother, Graylon Brandon.
Addison’s character is living with her grandmother due to a conflict with her father. She’s trying to help provide for her grandmother, as well, due to the fact that she is still recovering from the loss of her son. When we first see Graylon Brandon, we see she is talking to her dead son that only she can see, and he  is telling her that the creature that killed him is looking for something that he buried. As the film progresses, we learn that whatever this thing is, it might hold the key to killing this creature for good.
Jeepers Creepers 3 does have a lot of faults, since oftentimes there are scenes that feel so badly shot you don’t know if they were done that way for laughs or because of the budget. The film does try to go back to what made the first one so well-liked by having some slow build up to the reveal of the creature, then have the kills come right after the creature reveals itself. Often when a film does this, it can either work or not work; here I feel it works half and half. I like the cop side of the story along with the manhunt for the creature. Sheriff Tashtego’s manhunt for this thing, along with his partner Sergeant Tubbs was good setup for the film, and I feel the film could have focused most of story on that setup. Instead we got that story, along with the story on the Grayson family, that all come together in one big story.
I will say this. When the movie comes to it’s closing I was left with a smile on my face for how they connected this film to the second movie along with ending it on such a good reveal moment.
When it all comes down to it I enjoyed this film. Will  I recommend it to anyone who is not a fan of this series?  Probably not because this film was for fans of Jeepers Creepers. If you want to check this film out, go check the first movie first. Then see if you like it and go from there.
Jeepers Creepers 3, in my eyes, will get a 3 out 5.