img allshows scorpion s41122713765 - SCORPION  (S04E01)On the last season of Scorpion we finally saw Paige  and Walter become a couple after waiting for that moment to happen since the first day they met. The last episode from the previous season finally showed the team being rescued and their time on the island showed us different sides of the team members especially Walter and Sylvester.

As of the first episode in the current season it picked up on the last scene from the previous season where Walter day dreamed of a musical as mush as it was out of place it was still amusing to watch and before Walter could express his feelings a phone call interrupts them.

An ex team member ends up discovering that the world might come to an end which ends up to them working together on the case which results to all the other members being uncomfortable with his presence considering he tried to kill Toby once and this almost brings a strain to Walter and Paige.

The easy task they had ends up not being that easy when their tank ends up with a hole and spills the content they required which ends up to them making a substitute plan to stop the methane leak.

Sylvester seems preoccupied in their case which ends up to him and Happy having a touching discussion on his dead wife which showed just how much Sylvester loved and still loves her. They end up being trapped in the hole and Paige manages to find a way to bring them back up.

Despite the team’s open animosity towards the ex team member Cade manages to risk his life in order to save him when he was trapped in the van which could have resulted in him dying by jumping onto the dangling car. 

Thinking they had come up with a temporary solution to their problem the team was about to leave when the ex member finally officially apologised for what he did. They ended up realising they had actually made the situation worse when Walter breaks out in a song which led to Happy realising they hadn’t sealed the riff as they had originally thought instead they had made the situation worse.

As usual the episode had a little of everything from funny scenes with Toby being the source most of the times to the scientific parts and the drama which made it quite a pleasure to watch.