Last Man On Earth (S04E01) “M.U.B.A.R.”

Review: It’s fall, which means the start of another season of The Last Man On Earth! And this season the show’s premiere is packed with a lot of excitement.
We start where we left off at the end of season 3: Pat has found the gang again and right when he’s about to shoot them up, he gets shot by Pamela.
Pamela starts telling the shocked group her story, and when she introduces somebody else, Rear Admiral Roy Philips (played by Jack Black), he gets shot by Pat who apparently is still alive. Pamela freaks out and starts shooting Pat again, who now really dies (time of death 3:18, confirmed twice). An explosive start of the season as two characters die within the first minute.
After a ceremony for Pat and Roy, where Tandy makes sure they will never be scared by Pat again, we hear Pam’s story. Apparently after her drone got destroyed, she and Pat ran into each other in Malibu, where they started a romantic relationship, until she ran into Roy and started one with him. When Pat found out that the gang was back in Malibu, Pamela and Roy followed him to the boat.
Pamela’s arrival is positive for some, mostly Tandy as they really hit it off and she laughs at all his jokes, but negative for most. Carol, Gail, Erica and Melissa decide that they don’t want her in the group and as soon as they hit land, they will get rid of her. Pamela accidentally overhears this and comes up with her own plan, something we’ll come back to in a bit.
First, let’s talk about where the boat is going. As the gang intended, they’re on their way to Zihuatanejo in Mexico. Melissa is steering the boat, but Gail thinks that at night they have to stop and anchor it, to make sure the boat doesn’t get damaged. Anchoring the boat seems to be harder than you’d think as Gail fails to do so correctly. The boat floats off to sea during the night and in the morning nobody knows where they are. Not an ideal situation when you’re in a boat with a 2 day old baby and a pregnant woman, while running out of supplies (thanks Pam).
When they see an island, the gang decides to go there to see if there are any supplies. They leave the boat for a smaller rubber boat. But before Tandy and Pamela can get on, Pamela knocks Tandy out and starts sailing away with the ship, leaving the gang, excluding Tandy, on the small boat in the ocean. And while Tandy is questioning Pam about why she is doing this, the others are on their way to the island with possible new threats ahead.
Like I said, a lot of exciting things happened in the first episode of season 4. I thought it was great. The fact that the whole gang is in a different location from last season, helps to create more stories instead of the show getting repetitive and boring.
Introducing Pamela to the rest of the group was a good decision, I loved her scenes with Tandy and I can’t wait to see what will happen to them in the next couple of episodes. And it seems like the rest of the gang is also gonna be facing some interesting times on the island…
A great season premiere with some nice possibilities and storylines for the future!
The Last Man On Earth returns next week October 8th at 9:30/8:30c on FOX.