Bob's Burgers (S08E01) "Brunchsquatch"


The season 8 premiere was great! I really liked how they used their fans artwork for this episode. It was awesome to see how the very many different ways people sketch the show.
Besides the changing of the art work the story lines were really good too. We see Bob’s other passion in the cooking world which is cooking brunch. After seeing how many people were waiting to go to Jimmy Pesto’s brunch Bob decided to do one himself. They were pleasantly surprised with how many showed up.

And the kids even helped with getting people in the restaurant.
Of course with never having done this before they ran into a few problems.

Not knowing how to run a brunch can lead to a lot of problems on their hands. But happily through the adventure Linda was able to make a new friend.
While Bob and Linda were running the brunch the kids were trying to help Felix hide from his brother. Of course Louise only helps if she can get something out of it. She’s hoping she can get enough money out of Felix to get a dog. But to get the money she needs to keep his brother from finding him.

Of course Mr. Fischoeder knew the kids were helping him hide.

Even though Felix loses in the end the kids still try anything to get a dog.
My review can’t do the season 8 premiere enough justice. It was a great start to the season. Go now and check out this new episode. You can find it on Hulu or at