Chesapeake Shores: Pre-Finale Season 2 Recap


With the airing of last Sunday’s episode “The Royal Court”, the Hallmark series Chesapeake Shores is ready for its season two finale “Freefall” on Sunday, 8th October at 9/8c. To get everyone ready for this promising season finale, I’d like to do a pre-finale recap for this past season, which has been filled with love, emotions and, above all, family.
As always with the family-oriented show that is Chesapeake Shores, it always comes down to the ones closest to us and the ones in our lives that care about us the most, no matter what happens or has happened in the past. This season has shown this beautifully, as it tackles not only the struggles of Abby, the single mother with the new job, the new boyfriend and her two daughters but also follows the rest of the family, as well as Trace, through their ups and downs.
We’ve known for a while now that Trace had been hiding something bigger from Abby and after his arrest in the season one finale we find out that there was a warrant out for his arrest due to a car accident that caused his friend his life. This forces him to go back to Nashville to face a judge, giving Leigh a chance to join him for support which then leads to them reigniting the music-flame and trying to record an album with a promising label. When this backfires, the band finds back together, joining Trace at his new nightclub in Chesapeake Shores to make music there until a new opportunity arises. Thankfully for the band, this doesn’t take very long and after a one-hour set, they receive multiple offers from different labels for a new contract to record a new album. Ultimately, they end up being offered a contract from the same label that hadn’t worked out before and in last Sunday’s aired episode they seemed to be considering the offer.
For Abby, things this season didn’t go less rollercoaster-like. Still trying to balance work and family, the addition of her new-old relationship with Trace makes it difficult to give everything and everyone in her life the attention it/they deserve. With her family around and the girl’s dad in Chesapeake Shores, Abby can relax a little, although she does feel like she needs to spend more time with her daughters every so often. Her relationship with Trace betters before he leaves for Nashville to record his new album with Leigh and it even seems like Trace doubts their relationship for a few minutes as his time in Nashville doesn’t go as planned. However, although still struggling after Trace gets back to Chesapeake Shores with the entire band, they make communication a priority in their relationship, possibly saving both much heartache and therefore bettering the rocky situation they were finding themselves in. In 2.08 “Forest Through The Trees”, they get the chance to spend some alone time together in the woods, free from their daily obligations and work, giving them the opportunity to relax and find back to themselves and each other.
Regarding another big storyline this season, we are introduced to a new character who was rarely talked about in the previous season; Mick’s brother Thomas. Although the main reason he was drawn back to Chesapeake Shores was the family’s trust, the brothers find back to each other after a bumpy season filled with ups and downs and stubbornness from both sides. It’s not until the last few episodes that they find time to sit with Nell at the same table and finally talk about the family’s trust face-to-face without bumping heads.
Whilst the two workaholics of the family seem to be doing quite well at their jobs, three of the siblings find themselves in career changing places. Connor for one has found a job at a small law firm after he had no luck with the DA job he had applied for. Throughout the season however, we see him struggle at his new job as the relatively free spirited person that is Connor is not allowed personal items at his workspace and is put into a black suit, just like everyone else at the firm. Still, it isn’t until an old friend shows up and a colleague retires that he realizes that staying at that firm would not make him very happy. This leads to him resigning after only one month at the firm and looking for a new purpose for his now passed bar. Thanks to his uncle Thomas, by the end of the season he seems to might have regained his passion for law helping out his uncle with environmental law cases.
Just like Connor, Kevin seems to be hitting some bumps along the way to finding out what it is he really wants to do in life. After studying for and taking the MCATS, he still is unsure about how he truly wants to put his passion for helping and saving people to use. It takes him some turns and trips to the past to realize that what would make him the happiest is not becoming a doctor but becoming a paramedic.
Bree on the other hand seems to have reached a temporary dead end with her writing. After her residence program in Chicago didn’t go as planned she returns to Chesapeake Shores to recover and refuel to write. However, she soon finds the local bookshop to be running out of business and singlehandedly buys it. One could argue that this way, she still could be close to her beloved books without having to produce one herself. Still, I would like to mention that it is ironic that she buys an entire bookstore since in season one she decides to get rid of all her books to not distract herself from writing. Nevertheless, the bookstore seems to truly do her well and work wonders as we soon see her asking her new love interest and fellow writer to read a script she is currently writing.
Talking about new love interests – and old ones. Jess’ B&B seems to be up and running and going more than well, which to a degree is also thanks to her cook and friend David, whom she seems to be quite fond of. With their interests in each other being on and off (or at least hidden) throughout most of his time in Chesapeake Shores, in the last few episodes of the season they find back to each other, allowing themselves to give their possible relationship a try and it seems to be going very well until Jess find out that David has bought a lot of books worth multiple of hundreds of dollars for the local school, raising the question of who he really is and where the money came from.
As many subplots as there were this season, the O’Brien’s never ceased to amaze when it came to their family. Not only did Mick and Thomas find back to a better place with each other, Jess and Megan manage to strengthen their relationship to a point where Jess even feels comfortable asking her for help. This show has always had beautiful family moments, with their breakfast talks, their late-night ice-cream dates in bed and their siblings-only nights around the campfire. However, to me, the most beautiful family moment this season was in the episode called “Buried Treasures” (2.05) in which, after the long search for a buried time capsule, the family sits together to open it and reveal their long-lost items Bree buried when she was younger. Everyone is touched by what they re-find but since Bree was fifteen when she buried it, there is nothing of Megan’s in the time capsule. When it’s time for Jess to retrieve her item from the capsule, she takes out a pink stuffed animal and instantly looks at Megan, showing us that there is a connection between her and the stuffed animal. This one relationship which seemed most lost throughout almost one and a half seasons, finally seems to be at a happy place as Jess joins her mother and shares her time capsule memory with her.

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Hallmark – 2.05 “Buried Treasures”

After all the progress, the ups and downs, the good and the bad, the love and heartaches this season have brought us and the characters we can only wait and be surprised at what the finale has to offer as well as how and where it will leave our favorite family this time.