Cult Of Chucky Movie Review

Cult Of Chucky is both the recent film in the Child’s Play series along with Seventh installment as well. I must say given the fact these last two films went straight to blu ray and DVD you would think they would lack compared to the other films that went to theaters but oddly enough they don’t. I believe a big part of that is how Don Mancini able reboot series in a way  after Seed Of Chucky while acknowledging all events that happen in prior Chucky films as.
The basic setup without given a lot away deals with Nica played once again by Fiona Dourif who we  last saw get put into a mental institution at the end of the last film trying to move forward while still convincing herself she was responsible for what happen to her family. As things unfold it not long until Chucky work his way into the metal clenic were she at with the help of Tiffany in order to finish up what he had started in Curse Of Chucky.
Nica is not the only surviving character who returns we also have Andy played once again by Alex Vincent who has not played the character sense the second Child’s Play film. Andy return to the series is probably the biggest  reason I got most excited for this film seeing Alex Vincent return once again to play the character was such joy to see and I was very pleased on how this film used his character. Andy character in this film in some ways is like Dr Loomis  in the Halloween series he knows Chucky and wants to find a way to kill him for good.
Cult of Chucky dose take a lot of ricks especially with the twist  near the end of the film which being a fan of the series I’m not so sure how I feel about it yet I will have to see how the next film plays out to make a full judgment for myself.
Overall I enjoyed Cult Of Chucky more than I did Curse Of Chucky while the film dose take a few risk it dose not lose track of what I love about this series. I would give the film a solid 4 out 5 stars