Family Guy (S16E01) "Emmy-Winning Episode"

It’s been on our telly since, 1999 and “errry body” gets an Emmy except Family Guy, So Peter sets out to get a nomination and ultimate win.  His plan is to copy the style of major  award-winning shows.  He’s throwing stuff against the wall to see what sticks and the Seth Carpet is on fire! #lit
  1f525 - Family Guy (S16E01) "Emmy-Winning Episode"
Peter’s submitting clips, “For your consideration” in a campaign for drama, comedy, no category and whatever else he can get away with.  On the carpet is, “Breaking Bad” With one week to live, he shoots Joe Swanson, “why won’t you die!” Mayor West (Adam West, Rest in Paradise), rolls thru the hood to score drugs from Cleveland. He also went for the now classic “Sopranos “series  ending; the the middle of a sentence.  
Sofia Vergara is herself as Lois for “Modern Family”.  It’s “The Big Bang” and Chris is Sheldon! Ty Burrell gets an emmy for strangling a rubber chicken. He declined it, ’cause “there’s no mo room in his house”  Just keeping it real!
Yet the best and most telling “for your consideration” is Peter with a  “woman inside” that leaves him, “Trans-parent” (Caitlin Jenner?)   He changes his mind and attempts to run  when Dr “Wang Gone” is ready to remove his penis!
Finally, the ever faithful, sarcastic and honest in an odd way,  Bill Maher himself brings reason, truth and disappointment to Peter ala Deep Throat. “You’ll never win!” “Follow the Emmy’s”  “Errry” year the same people win; year after year after every @#* damn year! It’s a club!…Plus your show sucks!” But ultimately,  a win may lead people to think the show is good and..worthy! 
True. It’s a rude, crude and brutally honest, dysfunction with no chill.  And I like it!  After 16 years, It’s viewership is it’s own award!  We’re  “Lucky there’s a Family Guy! 
  1f525 - Family Guy (S16E01) "Emmy-Winning Episode".1f4af - Family Guy (S16E01) "Emmy-Winning Episode"
Family Guy airs, Sunday’s at 9:00 p.m. Pacific Time