Scorpion (S04E02) "More Extinction"

screenshot 2017 10 04 00 00 10 11958582772 - Scorpion (S04E02) "More Extinction"
Following last week’s story we see team Scorpion faced with one of their biggest challenges yet: the end of the world in 90 days. Cade call Homeland to ask for back up in order to avert the crisis as they have less than 3 hours to maintain the situation before the methane seeping our of the cracks becomes a sufficient amount to cause the end of the world, but their request gets turned down and they are left on their own to solve the mess.
The team ends up formulating a plan to seal the rift they needed supplies for, which leads them to a Russian spa retreat.
Collins, the ex-Scorpion team member, comes up with a plan to get the team into the supplies they needed but as expected he says inappropriate things to team members with no regards to their feelings. Gathering the supplies proves to be harder than they thought as they are discovered. While within the place Toby manages to give Sylvester sound advice that life can be experienced more than once in life. Which I’m not sure he did so to urge his friend to move faster or for the actual sake of friendship.
They managed to get out with everything they required but not before Happy launching a missile and Collins “hurting his ankle”. As Cade and Collins were trying to get to their allocated spots Cade is faced with a tough decision go after Collins right there and then which would result to jeopardizing the mission or stay back and end up saving the world and potentially ruining his career. He ends up doing the right thing and the team manages to save the world by sealing the rifts to prevent further methane leakage.
The team returned home, but their actions have consequences of which Cade was arrested because of Collins escape which as an audience I shared the same sentiments as Cade’s by quoting him “are you kidding me?”.
The couple Happy and Toby manage to have a moment nearly at the end in which they assure each other they survived this mission and maybe their marriage will survive too.  Paige and Walter decide not to let Collins or the fact that they are completely different people come in the way of what they have.
But for me the best part of the whole episode is when we learn that Happy had actually gone back to get Sylvester’s ring as we had suspected, before she had completely thrown us off the tracks and claimed she had slipped which leads to Sylvester realizing he has the most precious and valuable thing he could ask for: friends.
I’m curious and excited for next weeks episode for the team to know of Cade’s arrest.