The Power of Alison Sweeney and James Scott.

back stage at jay leno ali and james oct 2 17 - The Power of Alison Sweeney and James
A year after they departed ‘Days of Our Lives’ in 2014, a shockwave is sent through the fan-world of EJami fans.
It is now 2015 Alison Sweeney and James Scott have reunited for a fan, Nujeen Mustaffa. She was a causality of the war in Syria. Yet she still has time to be a devoted fan of ‘Days of Our Lives’ and an EJami fan. (That my friends is dedication and true loyalty!) She somehow gets her message through. It was on “Late Night with Jon Oliver” that HBO did the interview. She is one of US! That day, I felt we were represented by a girl half-way around the world.
You see EJ and Sami never got their HEA. As us soap fans say like to say, “Happily Ever After”. We were denied that. It was one of ‘Days of Our Lives’ best told love-stories in decades since Bo and Hope. How is it you let get destroyed and totally decimated? Alison and James were the new generation of Days Supercouples, EJami. When you watched them together on-screen it was simply magic. In all my years of watching TV and soap-operas, I never wanted to see a couple together as badly as these two. That is the kind of power and appeal these two characters possessed over their fans and general audience. (Don’t let them fool you. They were watching EJ and Samantha too.)

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They possessed this power in every touch, glance, as they walked away from one another. You knew they were falling for each at the same time they were. It was this kind of draw and fan appeal that started up a soap revolution, “Forbidden Love” a fan site who in its heyday had 10,000 members! They are still holding strong today at 7,000 members. That is the staying power of Ali and James. There was also “Sony EJamis”, where they had a fan-board where 1,000 fans posted in it’s heyday. Fans (myself included) would chat and talk all hours of the day and night. It was all about James and Alison. The power of EJami.  What they brought to ‘Days of Our Lives’ from 2006 thru 2014 was like nothing I have ever witnessed before in my life. People were mesmerized by this couple, their story, their history and connection. We the fans were in solidarity united around our OTP, (“One True Pairing”). Every story that they created, they excelled. I have never witnessed two actors become better from working with one another. They briefly appeared together in a stint for “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno”. Only shortly to be followed up by a commercial appearance for “Ready For Love” on NBC. I know many of us watching Ali and James, from the very beginning want to see more.  It is because of this it is hard to let go of them. We know the steps of grieving. We don’t want to do that, instead we want to have a new beginning for them.

If you can believe it that is why I am writing this article today. Alison and James deserve a second chance. They deserve to showcase their superb acting talents. The undeniable chemistry and ease they have with each other. That is why we really want to help them get a fresh start doing a movie, a TV show, a mini-series.
They have been gone for far too long.