Lucifer (S03E01) "They're Back Again, Aren't They?"


HELL-O! Our favorite devil is back, and this time he’s got wings. Lucifer came back for its third season this past Monday, and with its impressive past seasons, the stakes are high for this one of a kind show. Personally, I’m looking forward to seeing the character developments this season, as well as the progress they will make in regard to the new and old storylines and relationships. With the addition of Marcus Pierce (Tom Welling) as the new LAPD Lieutenant, we can certainly expect some card-shuffling when it comes to our favorite LAPD partners’ relationship.
The first episode picks right up where the season two finale left us with Lucifer in the desert, his wings grown back. After some bumps on the road, he manages to get back to L.A., and we see him confiding in Linda (who is still recovering from her wounds) as he tells her about his kidnapping and shows her his regained wings in all their glory. To say that Linda is surprised to see that they’ve grown back would be an understatement. However, Lucifer does appear to be confused himself, as he didn’t think they were able to grow back. We soon uncover his true intentions for showing them to Linda when he asks her to cut them off, as he had done in the past. The doctor refuses to do this, pointing out that God always seems to have a plan and Lucifer is still to find out why his wings have returned.
As he returns to the precinct after his talk with Linda, he is more than surprised to find no one truly concerned for him after his two-day absence. Once with Detective Decker, Lucifer tries to convince her that he has been kidnapped, which the detective has a hard time believing, forcing Lucifer to take her to the desert to prove it. Although they do not find any evidence of his kidnapping, they do find themselves at a crime scene as they discover a dead body buried in the sand.
Back at the precinct, we are introduced to the new lieutenant, Marcus Pierce, who not only seems to be very good at his job, but is also a “total sweetie pants”, as Ella points out in a previous scene. He soon meets the team, not seeming impressed with them at all and even calling “Detective Douche” a corrupt cop as well as Lucifer “narcissistic” and “hedonistic”. Still, Ella is more than impressed by the new Lieutenant and seems to be one of the few to like him.
Shortly after Pierce has introduced himself to the team, Amenadiel shows up looking for his brother, who quickly moves their conversation to a separate room, as he seems to believe that his brother has noticed his absence and is worried about who kidnapped him. However, this does not seem to be the case, and Amenadiel is not interested in Lucifer’s kidnapping story either. He’s rather preoccupied with his own problems, one of them being their mother. Last time we saw their mother, Lucifer was showing mercy by giving her an entirely new universe where she can create her own world, instead of killing her as he had planned. Since Lucifer has not told his brother about this, Amenadiel is angered by the fact that his mother, who he was starting to bond with, is now no longer in the same world or universe. Ignoring Amenadiel’s feelings about the situation, Lucifer proceeds to talk about his kidnapping, even finding a way to accuse his brother of working for their father again and kidnapping him himself. He assumes that Amenadiel, too, has regained his powers, which he quickly learns is not the case. While Lucifer’s wings have grown back, Amenadiel’s remain gone. There remains a lot to talk about. However, the two brothers are interrupted by Ella who now officially introduces herself to Amenadiel, which she does by promptly hugging him and being charming as always.
While Chloe and Lucifer focus on the current case and leave to find and question a possible suspect, Amenadiel goes back to Lucifer’s apartment where he was lured by his brother. Once there, he unexpectedly finds out Lucifer’s secret: his wings have grown back. Not only that, but he has managed to cut them off again.
Talking about secrets, we have all been waiting for Lucifer to tell, and show, Chloe the truth and although we will still be waiting for this to happen, I for one was very pleased with the fact that Lucifer did feel ready to show her and even tried. Inexplicably, Lucifer was not able to change to his devil face, leaving Chloe more than devastated as she felt she had been fooled by her partner once again. As she storms off, we can see a confused Devil left behind, trying to figure out why he was not able to show her his true self. The most likely explanation for this might be that the detective makes him vulnerable. Nevertheless, I don’t believe this is the reason. Before he tries to show Chloe his true self, we are confronted with the fact that Lucifer has cut off his new wings, leaving me to believe that, if his father truly gave them back to him for a reason, this might have very well upset him and might, therefore, be connected to him failing to change faces. If God really has a plan for Lucifer, it certainly involves his wings, as we later will come to see. Whatever the reason, he left Chloe heartbroken as she told him she always cared and she felt that he didn’t seem to take it seriously.
We’re taken back to the case as Lucifer, Chloe and Dan are part of an undercover operation, using “Detective Douche” as bait for the kidnappers. While preparing for it, Dan opens up to Chloe, telling her that he feels expendable after what happened with Charlotte, who in the season one finale, after Lucifer’s mother jumped universes, was herself again and therefore did not remember Daniel or anyone else.
Meanwhile, Ella and Amenadiel strengthen their new relationship as he seems lost in his faith and Ella helps him through it, telling him that “God works in mysterious ways” and that she believes he always has a plan in mind, no matter how lost one seems to be in life.
In the meantime, Lucifer has gotten himself kidnapped in Espinoza’s place, trying to find out himself who kidnapped him in the first place and why. He quickly finds out that whoever has him now can’t be who kidnapped him first as they do not seem to be able to hurt him the way his first kidnapper could. After some light torture, his kidnappers still provide Lucifer with a lead on a possible suspect, Sam, which he then follows up on. Convinced that his father is behind his kidnapping, Lucifer tries to get a confession out of his kidnapper only to find out that our favorite devil had grown his wings back before getting dumped in the desert. This clearly upsets Lucifer, which results in his wings reappearing as he tells his kidnapper that God does not define him, only he himself does. This is when we learn that the person behind Lucifer’s kidnapping was not his father, but the so-called Sinnerman. Right after Sam gives him this information, both detectives storm the apartment, giving Lucifer no chance to follow up on his questions about the Sinnerman.
With the case solved, Lucifer heads back home where he finds Amenadiel waiting for him. His brother doesn’t wait long before he confronts him with the cut off wings he had found in Lucifer’s apartment earlier in the episode. He appears to be surprised that Lucifer cut them off in the first place. Again, Lucifer is reminded that God might have given him the wings back for a reason and that, since he did not know for what reason exactly, it would be smart not to cut them right back off. Lucifer doesn’t seem to care much about God’s intentions and reveals his regained wings to his brother, who appears to be angry and confused at the same time about why his brother had regained his wings – twice. Afterwards, Lucifer confesses to his brother that, although he has his wings back, his devil face seems to be gone. This leads Amenadiel to assume that this might mean God has forgiven Lucifer once and for all.
The episode closes with the death of Lucifer’s kidnapper, Sam, who had previously told him that, since he failed to succesfully kidnap Lucifer, the Sinnerman would now try to find and kill him, which appears to be what happened.
All in all, this was an incredible comeback for FOX’s Lucifer. Although the stakes may be high for this season, the first episode did a wonderful job regarding both the writing and the acting, not leaving out the charm and humor that are big parts of the show. The addition of Tom Welling to the show and cast is interesting, and I’m curious as to how this character will fit into the story line and how his relationships with the rest of the characters will evolve. We are yet to find out who the mysterious Sinnerman is and how he is related to Lucifer and, possibly, his current wings-situation, as well as him not having his devil’s face anymore. Perhaps it is not his father’s doing after all. I’m truly looking forward to this season’s main story line as well as the subplots that will be woven in throughout the season.