Mr.Mercedes (S01E09) "Ice Cream, You Scream, We All Scream"

With this being close to the last episode of the season, our expectations become higher and higher with every episode and this episode did not disappoint our viewers. It truly was a fantastic episode and now we have to look forward to the season finale which looks like its going to be pretty crazy but this episode was also pretty crazy in its own ways. Lets get this review cracking and popping like popcorn!
So this episode we saw that Holly (Justine Lupe) didn’t exactly go home like how they were talking about doing in last episode. Instead Holly sneaks her way back to Hodges (Brendan Gleeson) house to talk to him about how she feels safer with Hodges than with her own family. But we already knew that, Hodges chooses to give Holly the statue of the dog to help her feel more safe that way she doesn’t always have to come and continuously chancing her life to death. Or at least thats what Hodges always believes; Hodges continues to go on leads that Holly gives to him, especially this one was a big one leading them directly to Brady (Harry Treadway) work place.
When Hodges, Pete (Scott Lawrence), and Izzy (Nicole Barre) all arrive at the same electronics store, they feel like they are on the right track. Just before they get there Brady leaves the store after having a bad conversation with his boss Robi (Robert Stanton). The three of them speak with Robi trying to find out information about Brady, when Hodges notices by Brady’s driver’s license picture that its the same guy who drives the ice cream truck. Robi starts getting worried thinking his life might be in danger after they ask too many questions about Brady; Robi gives the detectives Brady’s address.
When Hodges goes to Brady’s home, Brady has to hide away from all windows in hopes to lead the police and detectives away from the house. Hodges talks once again with Ken (Tom Nowicki) about Brady trying to get to know him a little bit more. Ken then lets out about Brady not having many friends except for his one friend that he works with Lou (Breeda Wool). Hodges then talks with Lou about Brady and she assures him that Brady would never do anything murderous like a homicide. Which I truly love Lou for that, that just shows that Lou would never rat out a friend and would always stay loyal to that friend no matter what.
Eventually Brady visits Robi to find out what he told the police but when Robi puts two and two together thats when things get really murderous. Brady kills Robi to silent him for good so that Robi doesn’t tell the police what he had finally realized. Brady takes the body back to his home to disguise Robi’s body as Brady sleeping with his dead mother. Which on creep factors thats a creep factor of ten million percent; when Brady realizes the police are on his trail he tries faking his death by burning down the house, but we all know that wasn’t Brady in the bed, we know he’s still out there; waiting for the right moment to make his finale!
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