The Goldbergs (S05E02) “Hogan is My Grandfather”

Erica, adjusting to her life outside of the house, realizes that Beverly has never really prepared her for the real world and never her taught her how to take care of herself. Beverly “failed as a mother, by being too good of a mother” and is happy to have her daughter back home to be her mom butler, but Murray forbids Bev to baby their daughter. And that’s how Bev starts teaching Erica and Barry basic life skills for adulthood, until she finds out that Erica only wants to know all the things, so she can leave for college again. She gives them the hardest task of all: fold a fitted sheet. They are not able to do it and when Murray points out to them that she’s playing them, they leave and get somebody else to teach them everything they need to know: Coach Mellor.
With the help of Coach Mellor, the kids are able to make breakfast without Beverly’s help, which is a big surprise to her: “What the fuck is this??”. The kids tell her that her constant smothering to keep them close, has actually driven them away and Beverly knows she has to change. As often as she’s said that in the past, it seems to be for real this time: Beverly is starting a Bevolution!
Meanwhile, Adam has to do a term paper about World War II, but has convinced the teacher that he will make a video instead. He asks Pops about his days in the army, and Pops starts telling him fake stories about the war, just to be able to spend time with Adam. When Adam shows his video in history class, his teacher is outraged as all of the stories portrayed in the movie are stolen from the TV show Hogan’s Heroes. Adam is disappointed that his grandfather lied to him, and Pops is determined to make it right and gets Adam a second chance after (a hilarious) visit to Adam’s school. Adam makes a video of what Pops really did during the war, which is far more boring than the stories of his first movie, but ends it by telling everybody that, no matter what, Pops will always be Adam’s hero.
The Goldbergs’ strong season premiere is followed by another really enjoyable episode. In both storylines there were a lot of great and funny moments and both plots were wrapped up nicely, with the typical emotional Goldbergs ending.
I always love it when Adam and Pops are paired up together. They always do cool stuff together, and now that Adam is growing up, Pops knows that Adam won’t always be around to spend time with him. I have to give kudos to George Segal, he doesn’t always have the biggest parts in episodes, but always makes me laugh. I also have to say that Adam’s history teacher, played by Kevin Heffernan, was a really nice addition to this episode. I hope he will appear more often this season!
The other storyline had some interesting developments as well. I think it’s good that Erica and Barry are able to do things themselves now, as they are growing up. And Beverly’s announcement to start a Bevolution sounds like something we will get to hear more about in future episodes. Considering Bev’s smothering is a big part of the show, I think it’s interesting to see this change and I can’t wait to see how it plays out!
The Goldbergs’ next episode airs next week, Wednesday 11 October at 8/7c on ABC.