Bull (S02E02) "Already Gone"

In a motel room,  it’s the “last of the last” for Emily Conner (Nell Verlaque) It’s her bucket list and last act of sex with her beloved, 18 year old Adam Harris (Sam Varholemoes) 
Adam, newly accepted to Fordham U, helps Em escape the hospital for this last sex act. She has brain cancer with a poor prognosis.
Emily doesn’t want to go back to the hospital for a procedure that will destroy who she is.  It’s a frontal lobe removal, that gives her a couple of years of vegetation life. So she’s choosing to end her life, unbeknownst to Adam. But she needs his help. 
She proceeds to injects herself and needs Adam to push the needle. (Fentanyl) He cries and hesitates, especially when she starts to choke and convulse. He pushes and then calls 911 ” I just killed my girlfriend” 
Bull is in court on another case & stumbles upon Adam, He is drawn to defend him. He’s just a kid and represented by his uncle, a tax lawyer. (John Speredakos) Bull steps in, he’s with Bennie. Perfect!   
Yet Bennie can’t support Adam. Being a devote Catholic ( I never knew!) suicide is a sin. It bends his moral  code. Bull insists! They agree to disagree.  
Bennie gets past his reservations and does a splendid job at close; “not guilty”  What else could it have been? 
Again, this week we see the crime committed, the consciousness behind it and the dramatic irony with us, the viewer in witness. And again, I hope this new style continues this season. It gives the show added mystery for me.  I saw what happened; yet how does it play out so that this young man is not guilty?  It’s a little different. Yes, I like it.
Oh; and at the end of the show: Danny dances with a guy with a right leg prosthesis. They rock the salsa, after she comes home from a long day at T<A<C. What?! What did I miss? I hope to  find out on the next…
Bull airs,  9 p.m. Tuesday pacific time