Van Helsing (S02E01) "Began Again"

Well this series has been missed by many including me, and yes it did not disappoint I am truly satisfied with how things went down in this episode except for Laura Mennell’s Rebecca, I was saddened that she was stabbed confronting Dimitri (Paul Johansson), a lot of things happened in this episode but I have to say this episode was worth the wait and I’m truly psyched about next weeks episode, but lets get to what you all came here for which is the review and I sure hope I don’t disappoint anyone with this review!
So in this episode, we began right where we left off last year on the season finale; with Vanessa (Kelly Overton) confronting Rebecca (Laura Mennell) at the horror sight of Dylan (Hannah Cheramy) turned into a vampire. Vanessa tries getting Dylan to come to her side to reunite as mother and daughter but Rebecca whispers into Dylan’s ear about how Vanessa left her all alone. Vanessa tries reasoning with Dylan but instead goes into fighting mode against Rebecca forcing her face into deadly sunlight.
Now as a grotesque faced vampire Rebecca goes to Takka (Ryan Robbins) whose talking to Dimitri (Paul Johansson) about where Rebecca is. Whispering in his ear like the snake of Eve, Rebecca tries getting Takka to kill Dimitri. But within a moment Rebecca is stabbed in the back by Dimitri’s loyal draculina Anastasia (Gia Grovatin). Dimitri and Anastasia then escape through a secret tunnel.
Throughout most of the episode Vanessa refinds Dylan trying to get her back to come with her. While Vanessa tracks down Dylan again she comes across Mohamad (Trezzo Mahoro) trying to save his sister Sheema (Naika Toussaint) but she had already made her choice demanding Mohamad to turn her into a vampire with capsuled blood that she had kept in her rooms drawer. Refusing to do so, Mohamad killed his sister with Vanessa watching. Both Mohamad and Vanessa find Dylan slaughtering rebellion fighters, when Dylan runs off, Vanessa goes after her. But when her trail goes cold, Vanessa tries a new idea taking blood from Mohamad forcefully to hon her senses to find Dylan.
Anastasia then lures Lucky (Andrea Ware) and her rebellion fighters into a trap leaving only Lucky and Flesh (Vincent Gale) alive. We also saw our rebellion vampire Julius (Aleks Paunovic) preparing for a rebellious fight against Dimitri, which we know probably wont end well but we will have to see.
Vanessa eventually found Dylan being held against her will with Doctor Crazy aka Doctor Sholomenko (Duncan Ollerenshaw), Vanessa about to act then changes her motive to hear out the doctor. The doctor then tells Vanessa he altered the transformation process with Dylan making it so that Vanessa’s DNA doesn’t change Dylan back to human with a bite but kills her instead. As the doctor began to change to a vampire by being bit by Dylan, Vanessa interrupts the process by killing Sholomenko.
Next episode: Van Helsing(S02E01): “In Redemption” airs Thursday October 12, 2017 at 9/8c on Syfy Channel