Will & Grace (S09E02) "Who’s Your Daddy"

Jack (Sean Hayes) is feeling his age when he strikes out with a younger man at the “cockpit”, while Will (Erik McCormack) ends up reeling a 23 year old in. Although dating a younger man (Ben Platt) isn’t exactly what Will imagined, especially when he needs to educate the youngster in the history of gay rights and culture. It puts into perspective how far society has come.

Jack is desperate to recapture some of his youth. He seeks out Karen for aid in this particular dilemma, of course she has whatever ails him. With the help of some well placed magnets and a slimming body suit, he finally lands a younger man. If only he didn’t lie about his age too. It never ends the way they quite anticipate it to, but laughs are had by all.

Karen (Megan Mullally) decides that she needs a raise, after luring Grace (Debra Messing) she confronts her long time boss and they get into a typical argument. Both stubborn and set in their ways, neither will budge in their line of thinking. Things really haven’t changed on this show, and it’s refreshing. Even when the shower ends up getting filled with water, they find a way to come to an agreement. They both need each other in life, they’ve been through way too much to turn their backs on each other now.

Reflecting on their disastrous dates, Will and Jack wonder if they will ever find someone who is just right for them. There is a brief, teasing moment when the thought crosses both of their minds, perhaps they are the right people for each other. Thankfully Madonna saved the awkwardness and they dance their worries away. Who knows, it could happen.

It’s nice to see that the banter and relationships have stayed the same after all this time. The world may have new issues and different struggles, but these foursome are still the same. Another stand up episode.

Will this trend continue? I sure hope so!

Rating: 7/10

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Photo: IMDB