Empire (S04E02) "Full Circle"

Dwicious is ready 4 his bath  He wants to do it alone.  Claws remains close. ‘Good idea; Leah try’s to drown him…again, like when he was a little boy.  She’s removing his evil! Claws saves him.  
Cookie, being loud and ghetto fab, arrives at the witching hour (appropriate) She’s moving into a Lyon wing of the house.  She’s loud and  demanding, telling  Claws “fix my man” Her face is still in the Empire logo, sadly; ‘just no! 
Andre hooks up with someone in a bar. He stops short as they begin to get busy in a near by bathroom. He’s blaming the meds for his impotence. He later finds out,  she’s a detective liaison on the Vegas bombing squad, Pamela Rose. (Teyonah Parris)  Coincidence? Methinks not! I miss ♩’Nessa.♩ 
‘Continuing to be a nuisance, Cookie interrupts a memory exercise that Claws is facilitating with Dwicious.  She wants to breakfast with him and discuss his  input on a live stream. He continues to have that, “what are you talking about?”  look. He cant ; she leaves.  
Anika blackmails Cookie on an incident from 2015 (so many, which one?) Along with the always surprisingly legal prowess of Thirsty; she’s released.  Her first stop is Hakeem’s, where she finds Tiana lovingly holding her baby. “Rut roh!”  
Claws takes Dwicious to Clem’s, a favorite greasy spoon in the hood. Clem talks of Eddie & Lucious “back in the day”. He doesn’t remember, but slips away from Claws to find him.  His tricks must be muscle memory 1f601 - Empire (S04E02) "Full Circle"  
Lucious finds, Eddie Barker  (Forrest Whitaker ) Their trips down memory lane, the violence and ruthlessness makes Dwicious physically sick. His nausea & disgust, seemed real. I hope this evolution in consciousness and awareness last. 
Later,Cookie finds him with Eddie; who has come to realize Dwicious’ loss  of memory. He pledges his support and silence.  Forrest was really good in his role. He can sing a little bit too! Maybe we’ll see him again.  1f3b9 - Empire (S04E02) "Full Circle"1f3a4 - Empire (S04E02) "Full Circle"  
Cookie realizes how dangerous Leah (Leslie Uggams) is when she catches her going through her dresser drawers…looking for a gun!  #murderess  She brags about killing Tariq (what a waste) She’s involuntarily committed (thank you God ) She’s escorted by the white coats to her new treatment center; after she chokes Claws.  “bye Felicia” and kudos to LU! #cray 
Becky is interim A/R & a ruthless control freak.  She barks, shrieks & is totally unattractive.  She’s not supportive of the artist’s vision and creativity. She’s strictly business. 
She proceeds to piss off Jamal. He threatens her job. Cookie promotes her! Hakeem in a show of maturity, gets around her demands by agreeing with her, then he does what he wants to do! Love it! ♩   
Later, Cookie pisses off Andre when she promises 20 drops; an album for each year of Empire.  Do they even have these many artists?  He yells. She pulls her bat! He leaves.
Claws wants to leave the Lyons Den. There are trust issues. She’s still ticked, Dwicious went solo to Eddie’s, leaving her at Clem’s.  However, he feels stuck in a world of demons. She’s his touchstone and the only one he can trust. “Don’t leave”. He cries. He begs.  She stays.  
It’s a 4 note episode ♩ ♩ ♩ ♩ 
Empire airs, Wednesday at 8:00 p.m. Pacific Time