Inhumans(S01E03): "Divide and Conquer"

With this being the third episode and having a fantastic premiere start this episode had a lot to live up to. And it sure did; I truly love this series and its only the third episode. Every episode is going to be even better than the last I’m sure of it. But I wonder if all the articles I read were true about after the first two episodes that Black Bolt (Anson Mount) wont speak at all for the rest of the series. But I’m glad that they are revealing more and more of Black Bolt’s past though it makes me feel sympathy for the character than I did before.
This episode began where we left off with episode two, but looks like Black Bolt (Anson Mount) isn’t having such a great time in prison. He’s having some major trouble when it comes to the guards in the Hawaiian prison. When the guards try to rally up the prisoners to make Black Bolt use his gift, he refuses and instead makes lots of friends within the prison for beating up those police officers with his powerful voice.
While Medusa (Serinda Swan) journeys to try to find Black Bolt in the city brings her to a cabin where she gets a newer change of clothes. Which I have to say Serinda Swan has a good taste in clothes like that mahogany leather jacket, with those pants makes a woman go sexy to me. What is it about leather and women that make me think sexy all the time? I don’t know; but it does make a good look for Medusa so kudos to the beautiful Serinda Swan.
Krank (Ken Leung) also got himself in a bit of a jam with locals through the woods on Honolulu. Just when the locals are talking about possibly killing him, Krank then explains who he is in short term but also explained ever since he crashed he hasn’t been the same.
I also really love when Crystal (Isabelle Cornish) tricks Maximus (Iwan Rheon) and ended up helping Lockjaw wake up. Which I was happy about that, Lockjaw is literally my favorite character in the Inhumans universe of Marvel Comics and to have him here it makes me happy; this dog is literally a screen stealer and I loved earlier in the episode that they mentioned towards Lockjaw as a “Cow Dog” that made me laugh.
I also laughed at the list that prisoner gave off of how Black Bolt came to have his abilities and one of them was a radioactive bug which hint, hint Spider-Man and that made me smile. I love how Inhumans is slowly connecting the series to the Cinematic Universe.
And we got our first look at Mordis in the series too, which I’ve never really understood that character, yes he’s a character of death but what does he do? Other than be a major pain in the butt, like seriously his cocky attitude makes him a literal pain in Auran (Sonya Balmores) ass. But lets hope we can get more of an understanding about Mordis throughout the series, cause I would like to understand that character a bit more.
Next episode: Inhumans(S01E04): “Make Way for…Medusa” airs Friday October 13, 2017 9/8c