NCISNOLA (S04E02) "#1 Fan"

A young woman wakes up, groggy. in what appears to be her bedroom. Classical music is playing. But then she beats on a locked door, crying, “Oh no” please!  It’s not her ‘room, but a replica. “BOOM-BOOM-BOOM-BOOM!”  
La Salle & Gregorio are following up on what seems to be a disturbance at the home of Petty Officer, Lindsay Kirk.  She didn’t show up for duty and appears to be missing.  They find she was taken, apparently by a stalker! Sidenote: Percy must be moving into her new digs. She’s not on duty; no explanation…again!  
Back at the station, Pride is packing to go fishing with his daughter, Laurel.  #vacay
Enter Martha Roberts ( Dendrie Taylor) Pride’s biggest fan! She comes to see Pride on an urgent matter. He’s her mentor & hero. She recounts “their history” He doesn’t remember her because he doesn’t know her. Yet she continues: 
Petty Officer Lindsay Kirk, is missing. Martha believes she’s kidnapped by “Mr Lonesome”  a serial killer and her white whale. She wants Pride to help her catch him & bring back Lindsay, before she meets the fate of many others. He kindly refers her to another team member for follow up, with  a “take an aspirin & call me in the morning”attitude. She declines his offer and walks away. And I waited for the other shoe to drop; it did.  
As Pride boards his boat, Martha tasers him from behind, in the neck The “Boom-Boom-Boom-BOOM!” opening shoulda been right here! He’s down.  Note: She’s also called Hurricane Martha and she’s on mental health meds. 
Pride wakes up… and tied up in a chair.  Like in King’s, “Misery”; Martha’s kidnapped Dewayne. She’s cancelled his weekend with Laurel…by text, using his phone. So no one is looking for him; she thinks. “We are gonna save Lindsay Kirk”  she proudly proclaims to her new partner! 
But when he gets his ropes off, she hits him with a skillet. He’s down again!  “Never meet your heroes they only disappoint!” …as she stitches up the top of his head. 
It was a good episode and they did Stephen King’ s “Misery” (light) props. Dewayne was tasered, stuck with a needle (drugged) tied up, hit with a skillet and stitched up! Martha and Pride’s scenes together made me smile. well done.
Within the throes of crime and madness, there’s humor, caring and  compassion.  It’s the NCIS- N’Awlins way!  It gives me a chance to catch my breath before the commercials and care about the characters.  I like it. 
NCIS New Orleans airs, Tuesdays, 10 p.m. Pacific Time