Star (S02E02) "Insecure"

It’s Miami. Jahil is alive & beating up his brother, Javier, complete with body slams.  Javier owes Jahil, $200k. He wants it. 
His nephew enters and stops them. They hug “rumors of his death are premature. He aint dead, just laying low. Obviously Carlotta helped him. ‘Wonder who’s really the presumed  body of Jahil? 
Ayanna Floyd, the new label head @ Midtown, says the girls are decent, yet the lyrics are uninspired and ordinary.  Their image needs a “come-up” and she dismisses them.  She can go online and find what she wants. So…
They straighten up & wig up, call their homeys and make a UTube video, in the studio of the streets. ♩ “U don’t know me” ♩
Social media queen, Rachel (Paris Jackson, she looks good &… tall) will post the vid to her site if she gets a kiss from, “little mama”…Simone.  Arrogant Star thought she was the little mama of whom she spoke! *snap!☆☆☆☆ Simone did it.  “Congratulations ladies, ya about to break the internet”  It’s done and done!  
Carlotta warns Big Trouble about the vid “take it down” Star won’t. Ayanna sees it and she takes it down.  Although it has a great showing already; she parks Big Trouble, indefinitely. *snap☆☆☆☆ again obnoxious one! 
Carlotta negotiates, wearing her “take no prisoners green wig! Apparently it instills power or it is just plain scary! #trickortreat
In the meantime, Star wants to fire Carlotta.  She ain’t tough enough or obnoxious enough for her liking.  “She ain’t the one and maybe too old school!” Alex & Simone wont agree. She later lies to Carlotta; her removal is an unanimous decision. *sigh. I just can’t with her!   
Jahil gets pistol whipped @ a gas station. It’s Maggie the gangsta, who’s into sex trafficking.  He owes her! He comes to Carlotta, beaten, battered and wounded. He falls into her arms! GREAT flashback playing to ♩”Misty Blue”1f48b - Star (S02E02) "Insecure" and what happened that night he ran.☆☆☆☆☆
Back at the Juvenile Center, Simone finds a body hanging in a ceĺl. Suicide or murder? 
Across town…or downtown, Cotton visits Eliot, who has offered her a job to help, “pay him back”  I hear The Commodores, ♩ “Just to be close to you” in my head” ♩ ☆☆☆
Alex goes for high-end shopping, champagne & theft! She shops when she’s nervous and apparently lifts instead of tips.  
Finally, Star is more than rude, crude and totally unattractive this episode.   Yet she did a nice job on the song, ♩”Little Bird”♩  with Noah Brooks  (Luke James) the male version of her, on engineering. It was good and further makes me wants her to go solo; or team with that Noah. The perfect duo, no doubt.  They’ll balance out each other…or implode! 
Star airs, Wednesday @ 9:00 p.,. Pacific Time
3/5 notes on the eye strain meter ♩♩♩