The Exorcist (S02E02) "Safe As Houses"

Father Bennett (Kurt Egyiawan) is alive and well. He has brought his case before higher-ups in the church, where he has accused the cardinal of being possessed to the point of integration. He passes the test with flying colours, swallowing the holy water without going up in flames. Something seems off about the whole situation, but we know that the truth will soon rear its ugly head. Instead they set their sights on Father Marcus (Ben Daniels).

Marcus and Tomas (Alfonso Herrera) are indisposed and tied up in the barn where they tried to save Cindy (Zibby Allen), who is now at the hospital. There is no reasoning with Cindy’s husband, but why should they believe that she is possessed? That is surely a ludicrous idea. Thankfully Tomas comes equipped with first hand knowledge into the inner workings of Cindy, it’s enough to get them listening, but not enough for them to gain their freedom just yet.

Rose (Li Jun Li) is questioning whether the island is the best place for Andy (John Cho) and his foster children. There is no understanding of the midnight excursion, even questioning Caleb (Hunter Dillon) leaves them with more questions and no answers. There is something he isn’t telling them. Something is happening on the island, and the effects are beginning to be felt by all. The darkness is finding its way in to everyone’s lives, and they will never be the same again. It’s pitting them against one another and they are falling into its sinister plans, one by one.

All hell breaks loose back at the hospital. The demon is awake and now they are willing to accept the fact that there is something not quite right with Cindy. The hospital has been evacuated and the unsettled screams that fill the silence just add to the twisted atmosphere. Death and mayhem will surely follow the escape of a very dangerous predator. Tomas uses his connection and ability to defuse the situation and help with a successful exorcism.

The vatican has been compromised and Father Bennett must seek out aid. A war is brewing and there is sure to be casualties on both sides. A darkness is rising and no one is safe. There is something in the woods…

The world of The Exorcist just keeps getting stranger, but it fits perfectly with the show. We are kept guessing as to what is going to happen next and it leaves you wanting more. Fear will either enlighten them, or break them, it will be interesting to see where they go next.

Rating 8/10

The Exorcist airs on FOX at 9/8c every Friday night

Photo: IMDB