The Gifted (S01E01) "eXposed"

The end of summer signals not only fall, but the beginning of premiere season. The shows in the second half of the year are generally the most anticipated, with The Gifted being no exception. With a stellar cast and crew, the pilot definitely delivers on all the X-Men goodness we have been promised.
The series takes place after the X-Men and The Brotherhood have all but disappeared, leaving mutant rights in turmoil. We are immediately shown how mutants are hunted and feared, quickly establishing a connection in themes consistent with the source material. Both groups of character’s we are introduced to start in different places during the episode, but eventually come together with the same goal; Escape Sentinel to avoid capture. By the episode’s end we lose two team members to the villainous group, Emma Dumont’s Lorna Dane aka Polaris, and Stephen Moyer’s Reed Strucker. It will be interesting to see how those on the run are able to regain their captured comrades, though one can be sure that the plan will be epic.
Loaded with action and rich characters, the pilot episode is a beautiful piece to open what will presumably be a fantastic series. The cgi is well done with out being overwhelming, allowing the actor’s performances to shine through. The audience is certainly in for a great season of television with The Gifted.