This Is Us (S02E02) "A Manny Splendored Thing"

This week’s episode of This Is Us was not a disappointment episode.
“A Manny-Splendored Thing” such a good episode that it not only brought the laughter and tears but a lot of George Clooney and ER references as well (which I really like).
Kevin comes back to do a special episode of The Manny and Sophia tries to get him through the diffecult part of being back at the scene of the crime where he brust off the set last time. There were a lot of George Clooney ER references that I really enjoyed and watching how these from the past and present was just heartwarming and funny.
Randall is having a hard time dealing with the adpotion papers and the one thing he’s worried about it that could they take care of a kid that has problems that they haven’t dealt with. After a brief break, Beth talks to Kevin about the issue and learned that Randall was given pick up lines from Kevin when they first met and Beth tells Kevin that she thinks he’s funny, even though she never thought so. But her and Randall settle their issues and moved forward to the adoption.
Kate and Toby is having Rebecca and Migual over before Kevin’s taping and Kate is nervous to death of her coming over. We see the reason why Kate acts different to her mother and it shows when Kate catches her mom in the shower singing better than her and realizes that Rebecca has been over confident.
The performance from Kate singing “Landslide” and showing a montage of Jack boxing in the gym as he tries to quit his drinking problem and other scenes was amazing and overwhelming at times.
Not to mention the scene with Kate telling her mother after her performance what she truly feels about why she didn’t want her at her performances. It was just a stiller scene from Metz and Moore.
And not to mention we Jack battling his drinking addiction and see why he’s been drawn to drinking with the job he has. But we also see how he first attemps to stop drinking, by boxing his pain away and talking to Kate as she’s his rock. But when the second time around, Jack tells Rebecca that he can’t do it like he did last time and she takes him to am AA meeting.
Overall, I enjoyed this episode a lot. The perfomance between Metz, Moore, Milo and even Susan Kelechi Watson was flatout amazing. The writing was so good and powerful at times in some scenes that I laugh and cried at times. Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.
You can catch This Is Us Tuesday nights at 9/8c on NBC.