Family Guy (S16E02) "Foxx in the Men House"

Peter, when he’s “Petah” returns tonight.  He befriends a handsome Paramedic & shuns his friends.  They no longer fit his “winning” status and cool. He’s still unable to walk & spit @ the same time.
It begins on a  family night out, at a Benihana type restaurant. Peter has to go to the toilet; yet can’t tell the men’s restroom from the women’s. #geisha #samuari. He goes into the women’s because he can’t tell if a man is entering #geisha or if a woman is entering #samuari ; they look the same.  He likes it; although it has no urinal. This is now his new lifestyle; women’s bathrooms; for no other reason than the  #ambiance and it smells good! 
At The Park Barrington Hotel, location specific to whatever the storyline; Meryl Streep finds him in the one stall reserved for her.  She kicks his ass & wins an Oscar (of course she does) for “Stay Outta My Crapper” 
During one of his bathroom jaunts at The Quaghog MALL, Peter brings Stewie along to hold his iPad while he watches, “House of Cards” Stewie’s hanging on the inside hook, Petah’s on the toilet. 
However, he’s sitting so long, Stewie falls asleep, so do his legs.  He’s weak. Stewie on the hook is unable to help. So he stumbles and falls. He hits his head and passes out.
Peter awakens to Stryker Foxx, a very handsome paramedic who saved him, feeds him & gives him a margarita. He’s in love! They even have matching BFF heart necklaces; each one has the other matching piece!  They become inseparable   Indeed. It’s love!  1f465 - Family Guy (S16E02) "Foxx in the Men House"
Stewie’s still on the hook, texting Lois obscenities regarding dinner
Stryker and Petah, hang out in his loft. George Clooney of 1997 & the 2nd worst Batman is at the party. He’s feeling like a winner!
The boys; his previous ‘Best Friends for Life” are stunned and hurt when Peter refuses their company. He’s a winner and can no longer hang out with these losers. He blows them off.  Their friendship is over. 1f44e - Family Guy (S16E02) "Foxx in the Men House"
Side note: Kathleen Turner retired from acting? I never knew!  
But tragedy strikes. Stryker and Peter go wind surfing,  Stryker crashes into a mountain, when he tries to  “Thread the Needle”  He now looks like a bowl of tomato soup.   
Peter tries to reunite with the guys, they tell him to beat it! Although Stryker made him feel cool. He wants his friends back now. They blow him off  
He jumps off a cliff in an attempt to “Thread the Needle” like Stryker to prove he’s sorry.
Although the boys stop him, he falls into windsurfing anyway. He threads 2 needles only to be taken down like a plane by a flying goose.  He falls into trees and is hospitalized. 
Later, he and the guys meet up at The Drunken Clam, after his release. And once again he apologies for the Stryker bromance and his neglect. What?! “Peter you’ve been in a coma for 2 weeks, status post toilet bowl injury. Love it! Never saw that coming!   1f601 - Family Guy (S16E02) "Foxx in the Men House"1f44d - Family Guy (S16E02) "Foxx in the Men House" They then go dancing!  
Another good episode; fun surprises  1f44f - Family Guy (S16E02) "Foxx in the Men House" Applause to the best imaginary friend ever!  
Oh and Stewie’s new on-line friends, Gary Glitter, Jeffrey Jones and Jared from Subway, are on their way over for a sleepover. 
Family Guy airs, Sunday’s; 9:00 p.m Pacific Time