Fresh Off The Boat (S04E01) "B as in Best Friend" Season Premiere

In the season premiere of Fresh Off the Boat, Jessica and Eddie test their friendships while Louis gets a surprise about his restaurant.
With the events from the season finale, the Huangs try to get their house back but the new renter didn’t want to and so they were invited to move in with Honey and her family. Things get crazy for Honey and her family with the Huangs, like Louis taking all his time working on his hair and Eddie eating up all the cereal.
Jessica finally gets her chance to be on Wheel of Fortune and take Honey with her, but they had to go through some tough practice test to get ready. As Jessica and Honey were winning the game, Honey gives out hints and tries to throw off the game buy buying vowels. But at the end, they win not only the game but their friendship as well after they forgive one another.
Meanwhile, Eddie tries to reconnect with his best friends that he dumped, but they aren’t taking him back anytime soon it looks like. Even talking about the season finale of ER when Ross and Carol kiss. But when Nicole ask him to go out with him, he thinks its a date, but really she wanted to tell him that she’s gay.
Louis gets pushed aways from Michael Bolton at their restaurant and spends time with Emery by building a birdhouse, for which turned into a real creepy looking one at that. And while Evan isn’t going to the school that he so wanted, he’s preparing by reading all the recommend books that he was suppose to read. But when Honey offers him to read “The Babysitters Club,” he starts reading them but also hiding it as well.
The big surprise comes when Louis sees that his restaurant has changed and it’s owned by Kenny Rogers after Bolton sends a letter to Rogers about how much success his restaurant was and Rogers buys him out.
“B as in Best Friend” was hilarious at time, mostly with Jessica and Eddie’s storylines. Even watching Par Sajak and Vanna White going at it was pretty funny. Even thought I did find Louis and Bolton scenes funny, the scenes with Louis and Emery wasn’t as much but I do agree that “The Secret World of Alex Mack” is the greatest show on television. The writing was pretty good and the performances from Hudson Yang and Constance Wu was really good and stood out from the rest of the cast. Overall, I give this episode a 8.5/10.
You can catch Fresh Off The Boat Tuesdays at 8:30/7:30c on ABC.