American Horror Story (S07E06) "Mid-Western Assassin"


The episode open with a mass shooting at Kai Anderson’s rally, everyone is running in panic trying to hide and ducking under anything they could find, the whole scene is chaotic and soon police arrives and moves towards the gunner and camera moves slowly towards the shooter and is revealed to be Ally with gun in her trembling hands and a lot of dead people lying around her including Kai, This scene really was a shock to fans because no one can imagine Ally as such a person who would go around and shoot people.
Then it goes back to the last episodes’s moment when Meadow told Ally about the cult and we got to see what happens next, Ally goes to rescue her goes to her restaurant where Meadow explains her everything about cult and there they watch the news where Kai is having a debate with his contestant and another contestant named Sally Keffler played by Mare Winningham pops up, her return to AHS is great but that was short.
Ally takes Meadow to her psychiatrist and asks him to take care of her for two hours, Dr. Rudy still makes her feel like she’s insane  but Ally doesn’t take it and she becomes the most confident she’s been in this season and goes to Sally to tell her all about the Cult.
After hearing everything about Cult Sally is not surprised and in meantime clown break into her home Ally runs away and hides in bathroom, The clown restrain Sally and Kai removes his mask and posts a hateful message at her Facebook that would serve as her suicide note and kills her with her own gun, Ivy searches for Ally and finally finds her and Ally recognize Ivy even under her mask because of her body language but the clowns leave.
Ally goes back to Rudy only to find out that Meadow has left and then in the morning she goes to Kai’s rally and finds Meadow there and tries to talk to her but she moves forward, plot twist Meadow pulls out a gun and starts shooting people around and Ally tries to Stop her she shots Kai in leg and when Ally holds her gun she shoots herself and kills herself while Ally goes to shock with gun in her hand.
Another plot twist that was all Kai’s plan and Meadow was acting on his orders and all the time we thought Ally was getting somewhere she was falling deep in Kai’s traps and the reason for showing all that truth to Ally was that the people would never believe her a psychopath and truth will remain hidden in plain sight, this exactly what we thought in Episode 1, when Ally was being terrorized and we were having a second guess if she was actually a victim of just a psyche just under phobias because we didn’t know that literally everyone around her was part of the Cult. That shows how influential and intelligent Kai is, he convinced a women to kill her self on the name of love.
The season is different, It’s story is being served in pieces from different time, one if them is the present time and one is some mounts ago and one’s  from around election days. Election days are the days when the Cult formed. In this episode Ivy is worried about Gary who cut his arm to vote that he’ll tell the police and winters introduces Ivy to Kai where kai uses his influence to get the hate out of her that she has for her wive and that’s her story of why she joined the Cult.
This episode was amazing all the new episodes are giving Memento vibes. Sarah paulson and Evan Peters are serving one the best performances of their careers and are really stand outs of the series.
I rate this episode as 9/10