Fear The Walking Dead (S03E14) "El Matadero"

As expected FearTWD doesn’t give without taking.
I may say I wasn’t even thinking about that character’s dead as a possibility, at least not for this season. In that case kudos to the writers cuz they definitely surprised me.
Now let’s talk about the main moments of this episode.
Back to the trading post
After Alicia decided to go on her own and Nick followed her with Troy, Madison, Taqa, Strand, Crazy Dog and Ofelia begun a trip to the trading post where they were supposed to meet with Daniel. So far so good, finally the Salazars were about to meet again, but of course things just were too good to be true. It turns out Ofelia was bitten after all while trying to save the people inside the pantry (all for nothing). So in this moment is where I think Madison is a great character, even with her flaws and all she still has some heart there.
Ofelia is getting sick really fast, thus she cant go any further without some medicine and a place to rest. The older Clarke chosed to trade weapons and supplies in order to rent a “room” at the trading post and wait for Daniel. Yes, behind all of this she expects to be accepted in the Dam, Salazar is her way make it happen. Albeit that and Strand’s complains on how this is a waste of time and weapons, Madison wants to reunite Ofelia with Daniel, even if it’s a painful goodbye.
fear 5 - Fear The Walking Dead (S03E14) "El Matadero"
Lonely but not so lonely
Alicia find herself doing well so far, she finds an old house, camps there, eats something and then sleep for a while, that is until she hears people approaching, but they were no other that the dynamic duo: Nick and Troy.
Nick tries to take her back with her mom, but deep down knows her sister is right and let her go.
So we find Alicia on her own again. She finally finds an old restaurant in hopes to get some food, Ding, Ding! She finds a big bucket with instantaneous mashed potatoes. When she is trying to take it back to her car she finds herself surrounded by infected, she wants to take them in the most quietly way possible so she jumps in a big color balls pit and waits. Must say that moment when the colored balls started moving I had to hold my breath. Not sure how that infected “child” ended up inside the pit but Alicia had to fight it, it couldn’t be that easy inside that pit with all the balls in the way.
fear 101 - Fear The Walking Dead (S03E14) "El Matadero"
While having that mishap, someone else took the bucket with food. Alicia just wont let that get away that easily. She went after that person and tried to take the bucket back. The woman responsible for taking the food, threats Alicia with a spike. Mmm I don’t see how’s that fair with Alicia’s rifle. It’s here where we find out the younger Clarke still have some morals and faith left. –“ I’m tired and hungry and I’d really prefer not to kill you” Alicia’s line before offering to share the food with our new character portrayed by Edwina Findley.
They both agreed on share the food and stay for the night together. Alicia finds a harsh reality when this new character tells her is better to stay alone and not to care about other people. Even tho Alicia chosed to stay away from her family it doesn’t mean she doesn’t care, so how can people live like that?
When it was time to part ways the new woman finds herself with her car not working so Alicia offers to take her where she wants to go.
This leaves us with an interesting future and new dynamic between characters. What can two strong and independent woman do together agains the Apocalypse? Stay alert!
fear 13 - Fear The Walking Dead (S03E14) "El Matadero"
Dumb and Dumber
As I said before this two together make quite a pair, in their own sadistic, toxic and crazy way they seem to get along just fine. Nick and Troy go to the trading post after leaving Alicia.
Im not sure this is a really good place for an addict and sadistic. Nick is going to make the most of it. As pro addict he finds quicky who has the stash and convinces Troy to try it with him.
After getting what he wanted in the “Matadero”, our fellows are pretty up up high. They go outside the resinto. The pair found themselves with a big group of infected coming, Nick is quick to kill one and smudge himself with blood from it, an old trick he knows. Troy thinks he is just too crazy for a moment until he tries it and walks among the infected without being attacked. If Troy didn’t loved Nick till this moment I think he definitely does now.
We know quit an addiction isn’t easy, and someway or another Nick would have found himself going back to old habits. But this is deeper than that. He is just trying to scape his frustrations with his mom.
So what will happen with this particular pair? Are the Clarks getting apart for good?
fear 8 - Fear The Walking Dead (S03E14) "El Matadero"
Strand is just Strand
We saw him not being very fond with Madison’s idea. He tried to convince her but it ended up in nothing. So Victor being Victor, went for his own agenda and make a deal with the devil. Yes he went back with the men who had him when Madison saved him. He told them he has something they might like very much. What the hell are you up to????
A painful reunion
Madison tried her best to keep Ofelia alive until Daniel arrives, but it wasn’t enough, the infection just took her in minutes before Salaza’s arrival, F***!
“What kind of sick joke is this?!” Screams a broken and sad father. Madison explains to him what happened and how she tried to save everyone but she got bitten in the way. With his anger and sadness orders Madison to stay away and leave them alone.
My heart broke a little when I heard the gun shot. Damn! This wans’t supposed to happen. One thing is to think you lost your child another completely different is confirm it after discovering she was actually alive. Im afraid of what this might mean for Daniel in the future. How will he deal with it?
fear 121 - Fear The Walking Dead (S03E14) "El Matadero"
Madison is packing up her belongings and thinking what is she going to do now, but Daniel appears and ask her if Ofelia said something before she died.
Madison tells him she loved him, but Daniel knows better and doesn’t like being lied to. So Madison decides to go with the truth. She tells him how Ofelia wanted to really know him, Madison told her she already knew. (last emotional moments)
Daniel just nods and tells her to pick up her things and go with him to the Dam.
Goodbye Ofelia Salazar and thank you Mercedes Mason for portraying her. We will miss you!
We have two more episodes before the season finale, don’t miss it the next Sunday!